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naughty /nɔ:ti/
  • tính từ
    • hư, hư đốn, nghịch ngợm
      • a naughty boy: thằng bé hư
    • thô tục, tục tĩu, nhảm
      • naughty words: những lời nói tục tĩu
      • naughty books: sách nhảm
Concise Dictionary
+suggestive of sexual impropriety
+badly behaved

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 mischievous, impish, puckish, roguish, scampish, devilish; frolicsome, playful:
The children would get naughty the minute the teacher turned her back to the class.
2 disobedient, refractory, insubordinate, bad, perverse, wicked, fractious, unruly, wayward, unmanageable, ungovernable, undisciplined, defiant, obstreperous:
Naughty pupils in this school are birched.
3 improper, offensive, vulgar, indecent, immoral, risqué, off colour, ribald, bawdy, blue, pornographic, smutty, lewd, obscene, dirty, Colloq X-rated, raunchy:
The teacher caught Keith reading a naughty book.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective (naughtier, naughtiest)
1 (especially BrE) (especially of children) behaving badly; not willing to obey: a naughty boy / girl + (humorous) I'm being very naughty-I've ordered champagne!
2 (informal, often humorous) slightly rude; connected with sex: a naughty joke / word
naughtily adverb
naughtiness noun [U]

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