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nanny /'næni/
  • danh từ
    • ruấy khũi bõ
    • (như) nanny-goat
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural nannies)
1 a woman whose job is to take care of young children in the children's own home
2 (also nan) (both BrE) (used by children, especially as a form of address) a grandmother: When is Nanny coming to stay? + my nan and grandad
See also - GRANNY
Idioms: the nanny state (BrE) a disapproving way of talking about the fact that government seems to get too much involved in people's lives and to protect them too much, in a way that limits their freedom
Collocation Dictionary


live-in | qualified, trained


~ to
She was taken on as a nanny to their two small children.

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be, work as ~
She's a well-known writer. Her father, a trained chef, now works as a bus driver.

study to be, train as, train to be ~
She trained as a painter and sculptor.

start (work) as ~
He started work as a trainee chef.

become, qualify as ~
She qualified as a vet last year.

employ (sb as), have
The company employs more than 1500 engineers.

engage (sb as), get, hire (sb as), recruit, take on ~
They have recruited a new designer.

appoint, appoint sb (as), make sb ~
are usually used with academic, official or highly responsible jobs:He was appointed Professor of Law at Yale. At 39 she was made chairman of the board.

dismiss, fire, sack ~
The club have sacked their coach.

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