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name /neim/
  • danh từ
    • tên, danh
      • maiden name: tên thời con gái
      • I know him only by name: tôi chỉ biết tên ông ta
      • under the name of: mang tên, lấy tên
      • in the name of: nhân danh; vì, vì quyền lợi của
      • in the name of the law: nhân danh luật pháp
      • in one's own name: nhân danh cá nhân; vì mình, vì quyền lợi bản thân
      • to call someone names: réo đủ các thứ tên ra mà chửi rủa ai
    • danh nghĩa
      • a king in name: vua trên danh nghĩa
    • (chỉ số ít) tiếng, tiếng tăm, danh tiếng
      • to make a name: nổi tiếng
      • to have a good name: có tiếng tốt
      • to have a name for courage: nổi tiếng là dũng cảm
    • danh nhân
      • the great names of history: những danh nhân trong lịch sử
    • dòng họ
      • the last of the Mac Donalds' name: người cuối cùng của dòng họ Mác-Đô-nan
    • to give it a name
      • muốn (uống rượu, được món quà...) gì thì nói ra
    • to have not a penny to one's name
      • không có một đồng xu dính túi
  • ngoại động từ
    • đặt tên; gọi tên
      • can you name all the flowers in this garden?: anh có thể nói tên được tất cả các loại hoa trong vườn này không?
    • định rõ; nói rõ
      • to name the day: định rõ ngày; định rõ ngày cưới (người con gái)
      • name a price: hây nói giá đi, hây cho giá đi
    • chỉ định, bổ nhiệm
      • to be named for: được bổ nhiệm làm (chức vụ gì...)
    • to name after; (Mỹ) to name for (from)
      • đặt theo tên (của người nào)
    • the town was named after Lenin: thành phố được đặt tên là Lê-nin
    • not to be named on (in) the same day with
      • không thể sánh với, không thể để ngang hàng với
    • he is not to be named on the same day with his brother: nó không thể nào sánh với anh nó được
Concise Dictionary
+a language unit by which a person or thing is known
+by the sanction or authority of
+a person's reputation
+a well-known or notable person
+family based on male descent
+a defamatory or abusive word or phrase
+assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to
+give the name or identifying characteristics of; refer to by name or some other identifying characteristic property
+charge with a function; charge to be
+create and charge with a task or function
+mention and identify by name
+identify as in botany or biology, for example
+make reference to
+give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of
+determine or distinguish the nature of a problem or an illness through a diagnostic analysis

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 designation, label, appellation, term, tag, style, Colloq moniker or monicker, handle:
His name is Chauncy but they call him Rusty.
2 reputation; repute, honour, esteem, (high) regard, respect, rank, standing, rating, pre-eminence, superiority, eminence, notability, prominence, prestige, favour, distinction, renown, fame, popularity, celebrity:
She has made a name for herself as a clever business executive. He thinks he has to protect his name as a ladies' man
3 personage, somebody, celebrity, star, superstar, hero, VIP, dignitary, luminary, Colloq big shot, bigwig, big cheese, big name:
The programme included some well-known names in the entertainment world.
4 label, tag, style, entitle; call, dub, christen, baptize:
They named their book 'The Alien Tongue'. Why would people want to name their child 'Quercus'?
5 choose, elect, select, delegate, nominate, designate, appoint; identify, denominate, pinpoint, specify:
She has been named 'Woman of the Year'. I asked her to name our wedding day. She refuses to name her attacker
6 name names. identify, specify, mention, cite:
In exchange for a lighter sentence, the witness agreed to name names.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
1 a word or words that a particular person, animal, place or thing is known by: What's your name? + What is / was the name, please? (= a polite way of asking sb's name) + Please write your full name and address below. + Do you know the name of this flower? + Rubella is just another name for German measles. + (computing) a user / file name + Are you changing your name when you get married?
2 [usually sing.] a reputation that sb/sth has; the opinion that people have about sb/sth: She first made her name as a writer of children's books. + He's made quite a name for himself (= become famous). + The college has a good name for languages. + This kind of behaviour gives students a bad name.
3 (in compound adjectives) having a name or a reputation of the kind mentioned, especially one that is known by a lot of people: a big-name company / celebrity + brand-name goods
4 a famous person: Some of the biggest names in the art world were at the party. + The event attracted many famous names from the past. + The movie needs some names in it, if it's going to be successful.
Idioms: by name using the name of sb/sth: She asked for you by name. + The principal knows all the students by name. + I only know her by name (= I have heard about her but I have not met her).
by the name of ... (written) who is called: a young actor by the name of Tom Rees
enter sb's / your name (for sth)
put sb's / your name down (for sth) to apply for a place at a school, in a competition, etc. for sb or yourself: Have you entered your name for the quiz yet? + They've already put his name down for Eton College.
give your name to sth to invent sth which then becomes known by your name: Charles Macintosh gave his name to a type of raincoat.
go by the name of ... to use a name that may not be your real one: a thief who goes by the name of 'The Cat'
in all but name used to describe a situation which exists in reality but that is not officially recognized: He runs the company in all but name.
in God's / Heaven's name
in the name of God / Heaven used especially in questions to show that you are angry, surprised or shocked: What in God's name was that noise? + Where in the name of Heaven have you been?
in the name of sb / sth
in sb's / sth's name
1 for sb; showing that sth officially belongs to sb: We reserved two tickets in the name of Brown. + The car is registered in my name.
2 using the authority of sb/sth; as a representative of sb/sth: I arrest you in the name of the law.
3 used to give a reason or an excuse for doing sth, often when what you are doing is wrong: crimes committed in the name of religion
in name only officially recognized but not existing in reality: He's party leader in name only.
sb's name is mud (informal, usually humorous) used to say that sb is not liked or popular because of sth they have done: Your name's mud around here at the moment!
the name of the game (informal) the most important aspect of an activity; the most important quality needed for an activity: Hard work is the name of the game if you want to succeed in business.
put a name to sb/sth to know or remember what sb/sth is called: I recognize the tune but I can't put a name to it.
take sb's name in vain to show a lack of respect when using sb's name: (humorous) Have you been taking my name in vain again?
(have sth) to your name to have or own sth: an Olympic athlete with five gold medals to his name + She doesn't have a penny / cent to her name (= she is very poor).
under the name (of) ... using a name that may not be your real name
+ verb
1 ~ sb/sth (after sb)
(AmE also) ~ sb/sth (for sb) to give a name to sb/sth: [VN] He was named after his father (= given his father's first name). + the diesel engine, named after its inventor Rudolf Diesel + [VN-N] They named their son John.
2 [VN] to say the name of sb/sth
The victim has not yet been named. + The missing man has been named as James Kelly. + Can you name all the American states? + The manager has named his side for the semi-final.
3 [VN] to state sth exactly
Synonym: SPECIFY
Name your price. + They're engaged, but they haven't yet named the day (= chosen the date for their wedding). + Activities available include squash, archery and swimming to name but a few. + Chairs, tables, cabinets-you name it, she makes it (= she makes anything you can imagine).
4 ~ sb (as) sth
~ sb (to sth) to choose sb for a job or position: [VN-N] I had no hesitation in naming him (as) captain. + [VN] When she resigned, he was named to the committee in her place.
Idioms: name names to give the names of the people involved in sth, especially sth wrong or illegal: He has accused the government of corruption and claims he is prepared to name names.
names and titles
Your name is either your whole name or one part of your name: My name is Maria. + His name is Tom Smith. + The name's Bond.
Your last name or family name, (also called surname in BrE)
= the name that all members of your family share.
Your first name/names (formal forename)
= the name(s) your parents gave you when you were born.
In BrE some people use the expression Christian name(s) to refer to a person's first name(s).
Your middle name(s)
= any name your parents gave you other than the one that is placed first. The initial of this name is often used as part of your name, especially in America: John T. Harvey
Your full name
= all your names usually in the order: first + middle + last name
A woman's maiden name
= the family name she had before she got married. Some women keep this name after they are married, and do not use their husband's name. In America, married women often use their maiden name followed by their husband's family name: Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Mr (for both married and unmarried men)
Mrs (for married women)
Miss (for unmarried women)
Ms (a title that some women prefer to use as it does not distinguish between married and unmarried women)
Doctor, Professor, President, Vice-President,
Reverend (or Rev), etc.
The correct way to talk to someone is: first name, if you know them well:
Hello, Maria.

or title + surname: Hello, Mr Brown.
or Doctor (medical), Professor, etc. on its own: Thank you, Doctor. This is only used for a very limited number of titles.
For information on ways of addressing people in writing see Study Page B14.
Collocation Dictionary

1 word/words sb/sth is known by


Christian, first, given | middle, second | family, last
(see also
| married | maiden | full
His full name was William Augustus Grove.
| proper, real | pet
She insisted on being called by her full name ‘Clementia’ rather than the pet name ‘Clemmey’. (see also
| assumed, false | official | joint
The account is in joint names.
| common
‘Smith’ is a very common family name.
| double-barrelled, hyphenated | strange-sounding | personal
The village of Low Catton takes its name from the Old English personal name ‘Catta’.
| pen-, professional, stage
George Eliot was a pen-name; her real name was Mary Ann Evans. (see also
| brand, proprietary, trade | company | code | file | place, street


Have you got a middle name?
| bear, carry
The Julian calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar and hence carries his name.
| be known by, go by
The island is more commonly known by the name ‘Krakatoa’. He goes by the name of Jonno.
| use
She uses a different name in her professional life.
| acquire, get, obtain
The Brady bill acquired its name from its best-known sponsor, James Brady.
| adopt, assume, take
He was elected Pope in 1978 and took the name of John Paul II.
| keep
She decided to keep her maiden name for professional purposes.
| abandon | change | carry on
He wanted an heir to carry on the family name.
| immortalize
His name was immortalized in 1992 when he scored three goals in the space of five minutes.
| choose, decide on/upon | give sb/sth
She was given the name Maria, after her grandmother.
| give sb, name, pass on
Detectives believe that a hitman was sent to silence the witness before he could name names (= give evidence to the court/police).
| call sb/sth by
Please call me by my first name.
| call sb ~s
Stop calling me names (= stop saying rude/insulting things about me)!
| call (out)
Somebody called out her name from below.
| mention
We cannot mention the suspect's name for legal reasons.
| drop
She found him rather irritating to talk to; all he did was drop names (= mention the names of famous people he knew or had met in order to impress her).
| invoke
He invoked the name of Freud in support of his argument.
| ask (sb)
I asked him his name.
| hear
I've heard that name mentioned before.
| know
How do you know my name?
| remember | print, sign, write | spell | enter, put down
Have you put your name down for (= applied to take part in)the school quiz?
| put forward
They put his name forward (= chose him)as one of the five candidates for the post.


The name of the artist appears on the vase.
| imply sth, suggest sth
As the name implies, Oxford was the place at which oxen could ford the river.
| mean sth | ring a bell
(figurative) ‘Does that name mean anything to you (= do you recognize it)?’ ‘Yes, it does ring a bell (= it is familiar).’


badge, plate


by ~
The head teacher knows every child in the school by name.
| by the ~ of
an actor by the name of Tom Rees
| in sb/sth's ~
The tickets were booked in the name of McLean. I arrest you in the name (= on the authority)of the law.
| under a/the ~
The room was booked under (= using)a false name.
| ~ for/of
The common name for the flower is ‘pineapple lily’.


a change of name, give your name to sth
The invading Franks gave their name to the country in which they settled.
| name and address, names and faces
I have a bad memory for names and faces.
| put a name to sb/sth
Nobody puts their name to a business (= uses their name for the name of a business)they are not proud of.
| take sb's name in vain
Have you been taking my name in vain (= showing lack of respect when using my name)?

2 reputation


big | good | bad


have | become
She has become a big name in documentary photography.
| make
He made his name writing travel books. She's made quite a name for herself.
| acquire, get
The area got a bad name after a series of nasty murders.
| protect
They tried to protect the good name of the college.
| give sb
This kind of behaviour gives students a bad name.
| blacken, damage
The riots after the match only served to blacken the name of football.


~ for
The company has aname for reliability.


sb's name is mud
If you tell our secret your name will be mud (= you will not be popular)round here.

3 famous person/thing


big, famous, household, well-known
They are a big name in the world of rock music.

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