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naked /'neikid/
  • tính từ
    • trần, trần truồng, khoả thân, loã lồ
      • naked sword: gươm trần (không có bao)
      • stark naked: trần như nhộng
    • trụi, trơ trụi, rỗng không (bức tường, cây cối, cánh dồng)
      • naked trees: cây trụi lá
      • a naked room: căn buồng rỗng không
    • không che đậy, không giấu giếm, phô bày ra, hiển nhiên, rõ ràng
      • the naked truth: sự thật hiển nhiên, rõ ràng
    • không thêm bớt
      • naked quotations: lời trích dẫn không thêm bớt
    • không căn cứ
      • naked faith: lòng tin không căn cứ
Concise Dictionary
+completely unclothed
+having no protecting or concealing cover
+(of the eye or ear e.g.) without the aid of an optical or acoustical device or instrument
+devoid of elaboration or diminution or concealment; bare and pure
+lacking any cover

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 stark naked, unclothed, undraped, bare, exposed, stripped, undressed, unclad, uncovered, bared, nude, in the nude, Colloq in the altogether, in one's birthday suit, in the buff, in the raw, au naturel, in a state of nature, Brit starkers, in the nuddy:
The two of them stood there, completely naked.
2 unaided, unassisted:
Stars of the seventh magnitude or brighter are visible to the naked eye
3 plain, unadorned, unembellished, stark, overt, patent, obvious, conspicuous, manifest, sheer, undisguised, unvarnished, unmitigated, evident, palpable, unconcealed, in plain sight or view, blatant, barefaced, undeniable, glaring, flagrant, unmistakable or unmistakeable, unalloyed, unmixed, blunt, unadulterated, pure:
He told her the naked truth about how he felt.
4 unsheathed, unprotected, bare, exposed:
How dare he show a naked sword in the presence of the Emperor?!
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 not wearing any clothes
Synonym: BARE
a naked body + naked shoulders + They often wandered around the house stark naked (= completely naked). + They found him half naked and bleeding to death. + The prisoners were stripped naked.
See also - BUCK NAKED
2 [usually before noun] without the usual covering
Synonym: BARE
a naked bulb / light + a naked flame + a naked sword + Mice are born naked (= without fur).
3 [only before noun] (of emotions, attitudes, etc.) expressed strongly and not hidden: naked aggression / ambition + the naked truth
4 [not usually before noun] unable to protect yourself from being harmed, criticized, etc.
He still felt naked and drained after his ordeal.
nakedly adverb: nakedly aggressive
nakedness noun [U]: She pulled the sheet higher to cover her nakedness.
Idioms: the naked eye the normal power of your eyes without the help of an instrument: The planet should be visible with / to the naked eye.

naked / bare
Both these words can be used to mean 'not covered with clothes' and are frequently used with the following nouns: naked ~ bare ~
body feet
man arms
fear walls
aggression branches
flame essentials
Naked is more often used to describe a person or their body and bare usually describes a part of the body.
Bare can also describe other things with nothing on them: bare walls + a bare hillside. Naked can mean 'without a protective covering':
a naked sword.

Bare can also mean 'just enough': the bare minimum. Naked can be used to talk about strong feelings that are not hidden:
naked fear. Note also the idiom:
(visible) to/with the naked eye.
Collocation Dictionary


appear, be, feel, go around, lie, look, stand
Never had he felt so completely naked. He lay naked on the bed.
| strip
She quickly stripped naked.
| strip sb | leave sb
She had been left naked and alone.
| find sb


completely, entirely, quite, stark, totally
She realized with a shock that she was stark naked.
| almost, nearly, virtually | half
I suggest you don't make a habit of going around half naked.

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