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naivety /nɑ:'i:vtei/ (na...vety) /nɑ:'i:vti/ (naivety) /'neivti/
  • danh từ
    • tính ngây thơ, tính chất phác
    • tính ngờ nghệch, tính khờ khạo
    • lời nói ngây thơ, lời nói khờ khạo
Concise Dictionary
+lack of sophistication or worldliness
Thesaurus Dictionary
naivety, naiveté or naïveté, ingenuousness, innocence, credulity, credulousness, inexperience, (blind) trust, gullibility, artlessness, callowness, guilelessness, simplicity, unpretentiousness, candour, naturalness, frankness, openness, sincerity:
I hope that no one takes advantage of her naïvety.

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