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myth /miθ/
  • danh từ
    • thần thoại
    • chuyện hoang đường, vật hoang đường; chuyện tưởng tượng, vật tưởng tượng
Concise Dictionary
+a traditional story accepted as history; serves to explain the world view of a people
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 legend, fable, allegory, parable, tradition, saga, epic, (folk) tale, story, mythos; history:
The ancient myths have provided sources for much of modern literature.
2 fable, lie, (tall) tale, fib, prevarication, fiction, untruth, falsehood, fabrication, cock-and-bull story, Colloq whopper:
He told her some myth about his being a multimillionaire and she believed it.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [C, U]
1 a story from ancient times, especially one that was told to explain natural events or to describe the early history of a people; this type of story: ancient Greek myths + a creation myth (= that explains how the world began) + the heroes of myth and legend
2 something that many people believe but that does not exist or is false
Synonym: FALLACY
It is time to dispel the myth of a classless society (= to show that it does not exist). + Contrary to popular myth women are not worse drivers than men.
Collocation Dictionary

1 story from ancient times


ancient, classical | religious | Christian, Greek, Norse, Roman, etc. | creation
(= that explains how the world began)the creation myths of the Eskimos


~ about
the myth about the golden apple

2 idea/belief which is untrue/impossible


There is a great myth that all sports players are stupid.
| powerful | enduring, persistent | complete, total
It's a complete myth that he has royal blood.
| modern | folk, popular, widely held | national
The battle has become part of national myth.
| historical, political
The propaganda of both sides relies heavily on historical myth.
| heroic, romantic
Propaganda has turned the former president into a heroic myth.
| pernicious | cosy
The film tears down the cosy myths about fair play in war.


create, cultivate, establish
How did the myth get so firmly established in the popular consciousness?
| counter, counteract | bury, debunk, destroy, dispel, dispose of, explode, lay to rest, puncture, scotch, tear down | feed, foster, keep alive, maintain, perpetuate, sustain | be based on
People's faith in the Emperor was based on the myth that he was infallible.


surround sth
trying to lay to rest the myths surrounding mental disabilities
| persist
The myth persists that men are more intelligent than women.


~ about
a popular myth about twins
| ~ of
perpetuating the myth of racial superiority


contrary to popular myth
Contrary to popular myth, women are not worse drivers than men.

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