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myself /mai'self/
  • đại từ phản thân
    • tự tôi
      • I wash myself: tự tôi tắm rửa lấy
    • chính tôi
      • I myself said so: chính tôi nói như thế
    • I am not myself
      • tôi không được khoẻ; tôi thấy trong người khó chịu
    • by myself
      • một mình tôi, mình tôi
    • I can do it by myself: tôi có thể làm được cái đó một mình
Concise Dictionary
my·self || maɪ'self
pron. I; me; to me; by me
Advanced English Dictionary
+ pronoun
1 (the reflexive form of I) used when the speaker or writer is also the person affected by an action: I cut myself on a knife. + I wrote a message to myself. + I found myself unable to speak. + I haven't been feeling myself recently (= I have not felt well). + I needed space to be myself (= not influenced by other people).
2 used to emphasize the fact that the speaker is doing sth: I'll speak to her myself. + I myself do not agree.
Idioms: (all) by myself
1 alone; without anyone else: I live by myself
2 without help: I painted the room all by myself.
(all) to myself for the speaker or writer alone; not shared: I had a whole pizza to myself.

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