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mum /mʌm/
  • tính từ
    • lặng yên, lặng thinh
      • to be mum: lặng thinh, không nói gì
  • thán từ
    • lặng yên, lặng thinh
      • mum's the world: lặng yên đừng nói
  • nội động từ
    • ra ý, ra hiệu
    • diễn tuồng câm
    • danh từ
      • nuây (sử học) rượu bia mum (Đức)
      • (thực vật học) hoa cúc
    Concise Dictionary
    +of China
    +informal terms for a mother
    +failing to speak or communicate etc when expected to
    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 silent, mute, close-mouthed, quiet, tight-lipped:
    She swore she would keep mum about where the money was hidden.
    2 Mum's the word. Don't tell a soul, Keep silent, Keep secret, Keep quiet, Keep (something) to oneself, Keep (something) under one's hat, Say nothing, Tell no-one, Play dumb:
    He told who stole the bell, but mum's the word.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, adjective
    + noun (BrE) (AmE mom) (informal) a mother: My mum says I can't go. + Happy Birthday, Mum. + A lot of mums and dads have the same worries.
    Idioms: keep mum (informal) to say nothing about sth; to stay silent: He kept mum about what he'd seen.
    mum's the word! (informal) used to tell sb to say nothing about sth and keep it secret
    Collocation Dictionary


    young | single, unmarried | career, working | proud | expectant, pregnant
    | new
    The group is aimed at new mums with young babies.
    | surrogate
    The cat acted as a surrogate mum to the chicks.


    mum and dad

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