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mountain /'mauntin/
  • danh từ
    • núi
    • (nghĩa bóng) núi, đống to
      • mountains of gold: hàng đống vàng
      • mountains of debts: hàng đống nợ
    • to make mountains of molehills
      • (xem) molehill
    • the mountain has brought forth a mouse
      • đầu voi đuôi chuột
Concise Dictionary
mountains'maʊntn /-tɪn
+a land mass that projects well above its surroundings; higher than a hill
+a large number or amount

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 height, elevation, mount, eminence, prominence, peak, alp, tor, summit, No. Eng. and Scots fell, Scots and Irish English ben:
Her favourite sport is climbing mountains.
2 heap, pile, stack, mound, accumulation, abundance, mass, Colloq ton(s), heaps, piles, stacks:
I have a mountain of laundry to do.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 a very high hill, often with rocks near the top: a chain / range of mountains + to climb a mountain + We spent a week walking in the mountains. + to enjoy the mountain air / scenery + mountain roads / streams / villages + a mountain rescue team + There is still snow on the mountain tops.
2 [often pl.] ~ of sth (informal) a very large amount or number of sth: a mountain of work + We made mountains of sandwiches. + the problem of Europe's butter mountain (= the large amount of butter that has to be stored because it is not needed)
Idioms: make a mountain out of a molehill (disapproving) to make an unimportant matter seem important
Collocation Dictionary

1 very high hill


big, great, high, huge, large, lofty, massive, tall, towering | small | steep | low | beautiful, dramatic, fine, majestic, spectacular | surrounding
The surrounding mountains make the city difficult to evacuate.
| distant | isolated, remote | inland | jagged, rocky, rugged | snow-capped, snow-covered, snowy | holy
the holy mountain of the Lapp community


chain, range
a chain/range of mountains


ascend, climb, come/go up, scale | come/go down, descend, walk down | walk in
We enjoy walking in the mountains.
| cross (over)


rise, soar, tower
The mountains here rise to well over 2,000m.
| fall
The mountains fall to the east to the flat expanse of the plateau.
| surround sth
Towering mountains surrounded the village.
| shake
The earth tremor made the mountains shake.


chain, range | area, country, environment, region
Between the two towns was 50 miles of mountain country.
| height
We crossed the rugged mountain heights.
| pass, path, road, route, track | landscape, scenery | crag, face, flank, peak, ridge, side, slope, top, valley, wall | cave | lake, stream | air
Many people come to the resort simply to enjoy the fresh mountain air.
| pasture | barrier
The invading army could only penetrate the mountain barrier at one point.
| village | fastness, fortress, stronghold | hut, lodge, resort | folk, men, people | climber, climbing, walking, walks | guide | rescue, rescue team | bike, biker, biking | sickness | boot | goat, gorilla, hare, sheep


across/over/through the ~
a pass through the mountains
| down/up a/the ~
She arranged to meet the others halfway up the mountain.
| in the ~s
This type of goat lives high up in the mountains.


the flank/side/slope of a mountain, the foot/bottom/top of a mountain

2 large amount/number of sth


great | debt | paper | butter, food, etc.
They revealed a solution to reduce Europe's butter mountain.


generate | reduce


a mountain of paper/paperwork
The enquiry generated a mountain of paperwork.

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