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morning /'mɔ:niɳ/
  • danh từ
    • buổi sáng
      • good morning: chào (buổi sáng)
      • tomorrow morning: sáng mai
    • (thơ ca) buổi bình minh
    • in the morning of life
      • vào buổi bình minh của cuộc đời; lúc tuổi thanh xuân
Concise Dictionary
mornings'mɔrnɪŋ /'mɔː-
+the time period between dawn and noon
+a conventional expression of greeting or farewell
+the first light of day
+the earliest period

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 forenoon, a.m., dawn, daybreak, sunrise, Literary morn, Archaic cock crow, day-spring, morrow, Chiefly US sun-up:
The meeting will be at nine o'clock in the morning.
2 matutinal, matinal, a.m., forenoon:
I prefer a morning meeting.

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