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morning /'mɔ:niɳ/
  • danh từ
    • buổi sáng
      • good morning: chào (buổi sáng)
      • tomorrow morning: sáng mai
    • (thơ ca) buổi bình minh
    • in the morning of life
      • vào buổi bình minh của cuộc đời; lúc tuổi thanh xuân
Concise Dictionary
mornings'mɔrnɪŋ /'mɔː-
+the time period between dawn and noon
+a conventional expression of greeting or farewell
+the first light of day
+the earliest period

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 forenoon, a.m., dawn, daybreak, sunrise, Literary morn, Archaic cock crow, day-spring, morrow, Chiefly US sun-up:
The meeting will be at nine o'clock in the morning.
2 matutinal, matinal, a.m., forenoon:
I prefer a morning meeting.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 the early part of the day from the time when people wake up until midday or before lunch: They left for Spain early this morning. + See you tomorrow morning. + I prefer coffee in the morning. + She woke every morning at the same time. + Our group meets on Friday mornings. + I walk to work most mornings. + We got the news on the morning of the wedding. + He's been in a meeting all morning. + the morning papers
2 the part of the day from midnight to midday: I didn't get home until two in the morning! + He died in the early hours of Sunday morning.
3 (mornings) adverb in the morning of each day: I only work mornings.
Idioms: Good morning used as a polite greeting when people first see each other in the morning; sometimes also used formally when people leave each other in the morning; in informal use people often just say Morning: Good morning, Mr Dixon. + Morning, Mike.
in the morning
1 during the morning of the next day; tomorrow morning: I'll give you a call in the morning.
2 between midnight and midday: It must have happened at about five o'clock in the morning.
morning, noon and night at all times of the day and night (used to emphasize that sth happens very often or that it happens continuously): She talks about him morning, noon and night. + The work continues morning, noon and night.
more at OTHER adj.
Collocation Dictionary


this, tomorrow, yesterday | Friday, Saturday, etc. | early, late
The side of the mountain appeared pink in the early morning light.
| April, May, etc. | spring, summer, etc. | beautiful, bright, fine, sunny | cold, frosty, grey


I spent the morning doing some sightseeing.


The morning dawned bright and sunny.
| progress, wear on
As the morning wore on she became more and more tired.


coffee, tea | prayer, service | rush hour, train | newspaper, paper | sickness


by ~, during the ~, in the ~, on Monday, etc. ~, towards ~
Towards morning the snow turned to rain.


first thing in the morning
I'll see to it first thing in the morning.
| from morning till night, good morning
He didn't even say ‘Good morning’.
| morning, noon and night
It's all she talks about, morning, noon and night (= all the time).
| the rest of the morning

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