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monarchy /'mɔnəki/
  • danh từ
    • nền quân chủ; chế độ quân chủ
      • constitutional monarchy: chế độ quân chủ lập hiến
    • nước (theo chế độ) quân ch
Concise Dictionary
monarchies'mɑnə(r)kɪ /'mɒ-
+an autocracy governed by a monarch who usually inherits the authority
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 kingdom, empire, domain, dominion, principality; state, nation, country:
According to Gibbon, a hereditary monarchy presents the fairest scope for ridicule
2 monocracy, autocracy, absolutism, royalism, monarchism, sovereignty, totalitarianism, authoritarianism; despotism, tyranny:
Those who are discontented with monarchy call it tyranny.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural monarchies)
1 (the monarchy) a system of government by a king or a queen: plans to abolish the monarchy
2 a country that is ruled by a king or a queen: There are several constitutional monarchies in Europe.
3 (the monarchy) the king or queen of a country and their family
Collocation Dictionary


strong, weak | absolute | constitutional | elective, hereditary


establish, set up | have
The country still has a strong monarchy.
| abolish
the arguments for abolishing the monarchy
| overthrow
rebels trying to overthrow the absolute monarchy
| restore

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