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English - Vietnamese Dictionary
  • phương thức, phương pháp; hình thức
  • m. of motion phương thức chuyển động
  • m. of operation phương pháp làm việc
  • m. of oscillation dạn dao động
  • m. of vibration dạng chấn động
  • floating control m. phương pháp điều chỉnh động
  • high-frequency m. (điều khiển học) chế độ cao tần
  • normal m. dao động riêng
  • transverse m. of vibration dạng chấn động ngang
Concise Dictionary
+how something is done or how it happens
+a particular functioning condition or arrangement
+a classification of propositions on the basis of whether they claim necessity or possibility or impossibility
+verb inflections that express how the action or state is conceived by the speaker
+any of various fixed orders of the various diatonic notes within an octave
+the most frequent value of a random variable

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 way, manner, method, approach, form, course, fashion, procedure, technique, system, wise, modus operandi, methodology, standard operating procedure, SOP:
What mode of teaching foreign languages do you use?
2 status, condition, state, configuration, set-up:
The computer is now in printing mode.
fashion, style, look, vogue; trend, rage, craze, Colloq fad:
We went to the ball dressed in the mode of the 1920s.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 (formal) a particular way of doing sth; a particular type of sth: a mode of production / operation / communication + a mode of life / behaviour / dress + environment-friendly modes of transport
2 the way in which a piece of equipment is set to perform a particular task: Switch the camera into the automatic mode. + You can also use this computer game in two-player mode.
3 [sing.] (informal) a particular way of feeling or behaving: to be in holiday / work mode
4 [usually sing.] a particular style or fashion in clothes, art, etc: narrative mode + a pop video made by a director who really understands the mode
See also - A LA MODE, MODISH
5 (technical) a particular arrangement of notes in music for example the musical SCALE system: major / minor mode
Collocation Dictionary


normal, traditional, usual | effective


Try using some other mode of organization.
| change, switch to
He had no intention of changing his mode of attire. Switch from ‘receive’ mode to ‘transmit’ mode.


in … ~
The machine is in its ‘suspend’ mode.
| ~ of
Their main mode of subsistence is hunting.


a mode of address, a mode of communication/expression, a mode of transport

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