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mix /miks/
  • ngoại động từ
    • trộn, trộn lẫn, pha lẫn, hoà lẫn
      • to mix a dish of salad: trộn món rau xà lách
    • pha
      • to mix drugds: pha thuốc
  • nội động từ
    • hợp vào, lẫn vào, hoà lẫn vào
    • ((thường) + with) dính dáng, giao thiệp, hợp tác
      • he doesn't mix well: anh ấy không khéo giao thiệp
    • (từ lóng) thụi nhau tới tấp (quyền Anh)
    • bị lai giống
    • to mix up
      • trộn đều, hoà đều
    • dính dáng vào
      • to be mixed up in an affair: có dính dáng vào việc gì, có liên can vào việc gì
    • lộn xộn, bối rối, rắc rối
      • it is all mixed up in my memory: tất cả những cái đó lộn xộn trong ký ức
      • to be al mixed up: bối rối vô cùng
Concise Dictionary
+a commercially prepared mixture of dry ingredients
+an event that combines things in a mixture
+the act of mixing together
+mix together different elements
+open (a place) to members of all races and ethnic groups
+to bring or combine together or with something else
+combine (electronic signals)
+add as an additional element or part
+mix so as to make a random order or arrangement

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 mingle, combine, intermingle, blend, incorporate, put together, merge, unite, alloy, commingle, amalgamate, coalesce:
Mix the ingredients to a creamy consistency.
2 socialize, fraternize, consort, hobnob, go round or around or about (together), get together, keep company, join (with), associate (with), Colloq hang out or about or round or around (with):
The Hatfields and the McCoys do not mix very well, so you'd best invite them separately
3 mix in. add, stir in, combine, fold in:
Mix in the chocolate at the very end.
4 mix up.
(a) See mix, 1, above.
(b) confuse, confound, bewilder, muddle, perplex, puzzle, fluster, upset; addle, disturb; Colloq US and Canadian discombobulate:
She mixed me up so that I cannot decide what to do.
(c) snarl, ensnarl, tangle, entangle, scramble, jumble:
The treasures were all mixed up with the rubbish at the church sale.
(d) confuse, interchange, exchange:
Have they mixed up our room keys again?
5 mix up in. involve, implicate, include, connect, draw or drag into:
Wasn't Wilcox mixed up in that scandal last year?
6 mix up with. confuse, mistake, misidentify, confound; interchange, exchange:
I think you must have me mixed up with somebody else. The porter mixed up my bag with someone else's.
7 mixture, blend, compound; amalgam, combination, alloy, assortment, distribution:
Was this cake made from a mix or from scratch? The centre party has a good mix of liberals and conservatives.

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