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mistake /mis'teik/
  • danh từ
    • lỗi, sai lầm, lỗi lầm
      • to make a mistake: lầm, lầm lẫn; do sơ suất
    • and so mistake
      • (thông tục) không còn nghi ngờ gì nữa
    • it's hot today and no mistake: không còn nghi ngờ gì nữa hôm nay trời nóng
  • động từ mistook; mistaken
    • phạm sai lầm, phạm lỗi
    • hiểu sai, hiểu lầm
    • lầm, lầm lẫn
      • to mistake someone for another: lầm ai với một người khác
    • there is no mistaken
      • không thể nào lầm được
    • there is no mistake the house: không thể nào lầm nhà được
Concise Dictionary
+a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention
+an understanding of something that is not correct
+part of a statement that is not correct
+identify incorrectly
+to make a mistake or be incorrect

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 misconception, misapprehension, error, fault, miscalculation, misjudgement, blunder, botch, fumble, bad move, misstep, slip, erratum, gaffe, faux pas, Colloq boo-boo, clanger, muff, howler, Brit boob, bloomer, US blooper, goof, goof-up, flub:
Giving Aston a salary rise was a mistake.
2 indiscretion, misstep, false step, wrong move:
It was a mistake not to stand up when she entered.
3 misunderstand, misinterpret, misjudge, misconstrue, take the wrong way, get wrong, misread, misapprehend:
The fool mistook my remark as a compliment.
4 mistake for. mix up with, misidentify as, confuse with, take for:
In the dark, she mistook him for her husband.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
1 an action or an opinion that is not correct, or that produces a result that you did not want: It's easy to make a mistake. + This letter is addressed to someone else-there must be some mistake. + It would be a mistake to ignore his opinion. + Don't worry, we all make mistakes. + You must try to learn from your mistakes. + Leaving school so young was the biggest mistake of my life. + I made the mistake of giving him my address. + It was a big mistake on my part to have trusted her.
2 a word, figure, etc. that is not said or written down correctly: It's a common mistake among learners of English. + The waiter made a mistake (in) adding up the bill. + Her essay is full of spelling mistakes.
Idioms: and no mistake (old-fashioned spoken, especially BrE) used to show that you are sure about the truth of what you have just said: This is a strange business and no mistake.
by mistake accidentally; without intending to: I took your bag instead of mine by mistake.
make no mistake (about sth) (spoken) used to emphasize what you are saying, especially when you want to warn sb about sth: Make no mistake (about it), this is one crisis that won't just go away.
in mistake for sth thinking that sth is sth else: Children may eat pills in mistake for sweets.
+ verb (mistook sth correctly: [VN] I admit that I mistook his intentions. + He had certainly changed, but nobody could mistake his voice. + I mistook her offer as a threat. + There was no mistaking (= it was impossible to mistake) the bitterness in her voice. [also V wh-]
Phrasal Verbs: mistake sb/sth for sb/sth to think wrongly that sb/sth is sb/sth else: I think you must be mistaking me for someone else.
Collocation Dictionary


big, great
It is a great mistake to assume that your children will agree with you.
| bad, dreadful, fundamental, ghastly, grave, serious, terrible | costly, expensive
This dress was an expensive mistake.
| disastrous, fatal | tragic | elementary, little, simple
All those problems because of one little mistake!
| common | genuine, honest | deliberate | past
The company has learned from its past mistakes.
| stupid | spelling


Don't make the same mistakes as I did.
| repeat | learn from | pay for
Ordinary people are paying for the government's mistakes.
| discover, realize
Too late, she realized her mistake.
| acknowledge, admit (to) | correct, put right, rectify


happen, occur
Mistakes are bound to happen sometimes.


by ~
I picked up the wrong bag by mistake.
| ~ about
I made a mistake about her.


all a mistake
I kept telling myself that it was all a terrible mistake.
| an easy mistake to make
Don't worry about it?it's an easy mistake to make!



An unwary observer could easily mistake this constellation for a comet.


You can't mistake him. He's got long ginger hair.


I'm sorry. I mistook you for George.


there is no mistaking sth
There was no mistaking the admiration in his eyes.

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