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miss /mis/
  • danh từ
      • Miss Mary: cô Ma-ri
    • (thông tục) cô gái, thiếu nữ
    • hoa khôi
    • danh từ
      • sự không tin, sự trượt, sự không trúng đích ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng)); sự thất bại
        • ten hits and one miss: mười đòn trúng một đòn trượt
      • sự thiếu, sự vắng
        • to feel the miss of someone: cảm thấy vắng ai, cảm thấy nhớ ai
      • a miss is as good a mile
        • trượt là trượt, đá trượt thì dù chỉ một ly cũng vần là trượt
      • to give something a miss
        • tránh cái gì, bỏ qua cái gì, mặc kệ cái gì
    • ngoại động từ
      • trượt, hỏng, trệch, không trúng (đích)
        • to miss one's aim: bắn trệch đích; không đạt mục đích
      • lỡ, nhỡ
        • to miss the train: lỡ chuyến xe lửa
      • bỏ lỡ, bỏ phí
        • an opportunity not to be missed: một cơ hội không nên bỏ lỡ
      • bỏ sót, bỏ quên
        • without missing a word: không bỏ sót một lời nào
      • không thấy, không trông thấy
        • you cannot miss the house when going across the street: khi đi ngang qua phố anh không thể không trông thấy căn nhà
      • thiếu, cảm thấy thiếu, thấy mất, nhớ
        • to miss somebody very much: nhớ ai lắm
      • không nghe, không thấy, không hiểu, không nắm được
        • to miss a part of a speech: không nghe một phần của bài nói
      • suýt
        • to miss being run over: suýt bị chẹt xe
    • nội động từ
      • trượt, chệch, không trúng đích; thất bại
    Concise Dictionary
    +a young woman
    +a failure to hit (or meet or find etc)
    +a form of address for an unmarried woman
    +fail to perceive or to catch with the senses or the mind
    +feel or suffer from the lack of
    +fail to attend an event or activity
    +leave undone or leave out
    +fail to reach or get to
    +be without
    +fail to reach
    +be absent
    +fail to experience

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 skip, forgo, absent oneself from, be absent from, fail to keep; avoid, evade, escape, dodge, Colloq pass up:
    I missed my dentist's appointment. I missed school because my grandmother was ill
    2 long for, yearn for, pine for, feel nostalgia for, be nostalgic for or about, want, need, wish for:
    I miss those long summer evenings by the lake.
    3 misunderstand, misinterpret, misconstrue, misapprehend, fail to understand or perceive, mistake:
    You have completely missed the point.
    4 Sometimes, miss out (on). pass up, omit, leave out, slip up (on), overlook, let slip (by), let pass, pass over, disregard, ignore:
    You can be sure that Frobisher would never miss a free meal.
    5 omission, oversight, slip, failure, mistake, error, blunder, Colloq slip-up:
    A miss is as good as a mile.
    Ms., girl, lass, lassie, maid, maiden, young lady, young woman, schoolgirl, mademoiselle, nymphet, teenager, virgin, spinster, old maid, Brit bachelor girl, Irish English colleen, Literary nymph, Archaic demoiselle, damsel, Colloq old-fashioned gal, US coed, Valley girl, bachelorette, Slang teeny-bopper, groupie, Chiefly Brit bird, Old-fashioned US bobby-soxer:
    She's a pretty young miss, isn't she?
    Advanced English Dictionary
    verb, noun
    + verb
    not hit
    1 to fail to hit, catch, reach, etc. sth: [VN] How many goals has he missed this season? + The bullet missed her by about six inches. + [V] She threw a plate at him and only narrowly missed. + [V -ing] She narrowly missed hitting him.
    not hear / see
    2 [VN] to fail to hear, see or notice sth: The hotel is the only white building on the road-you can't miss it. + Don't miss next week's issue! + I missed her name. + Your mother will know who's moved in-she doesn't miss much. + When you painted your bedroom, you missed a bit (= of the wall) under the window.
    not understand
    3 [VN] to fail to understand sth: He completely missed the joke. + You're missing the point (= failing to understand the main part) of what I'm saying. + I think I must have missed something because none of this makes any sense.
    not be / go somewhere
    4 [VN] to fail to be or go somewhere: She hasn't missed a game all year. + You missed a good party last night (= because you did not go). + 'Are you coming to the school play?' 'I wouldn't miss it for the world'.
    not do sth
    5 [VN] to fail to do sth: You can't afford to miss meals (= not eat meals) when you're in training. + to miss a turn (= to not play when it is your turn in a game)
    6 to not take the opportunity to do sth: [VN] The sale prices were too good to miss. + It was an opportunity not to be missed. [also V -ing]
    be late
    7 to be or arrive too late for sth: [VN] If I don't leave now I'll miss my plane. + Sorry I'm late-have I missed anything? + 'Is Ann there?' 'You've just missed her (= she has just left).' [also V -ing]
    feel sad
    8 to feel sad because you can no longer see sb or do sth that you like: [VN] She will be greatly missed when she leaves. + What did you miss most when you lived abroad? + [V -ing] I don't miss getting up at six every morning! [also VN -ing]
    notice sth not there
    9 [VN] to notice that sb/sth is not where they/it should be: When did you first miss the necklace? + Let's go for a quick drink-nobody will miss us. + We seem to be missing some students this morning.
    avoid sth bad
    10 to avoid sth unpleasant: [VN] If you go now you should miss the crowds. + [V -ing] He fell and just missed knocking the whole display over.
    of engine
    11 [V] = MISFIRE
    Idioms: he, she, etc. doesn't miss a trick (spoken) used to say that sb notices every opportunity to gain an advantage
    miss the boat (informal) to be unable to take advantage of sth because you are too late: If you don't buy now, you may find that you've missed the boat.
    more at HEART, MARK n.
    Phrasal Verbs: miss sb/sth<->out (BrE) to fail to include sb/sth in sth: I'll just read through the form again to make sure I haven't missed anything out.
    miss out (on sth) to fail to benefit from sth useful or enjoyable by not taking part in it: Of course I'm coming-I don't want to miss out on all the fun!
    + noun
    title / form of address
    1 (Miss) used before the family name, or the first and family name, of a woman who is not married, in order to speak or write to her politely: That's all, thank you, Miss Lipman. (old-fashioned or formal) the Misses Hill
    Compare: MRS, MS
    2 (Miss) a title given to the winner of a beauty contest in a particular country, town, etc: Miss America / Miss Brighton + the Miss World contest
    3 (Miss) (informal, spoken) used especially by men to address a young woman when they do not know her name: Will that be all, Miss?
    4 (Miss) (BrE, spoken) used as a form of address by children in some schools to a woman teacher, whether she is married or not: Good morning, Miss!
    Compare: SIR
    5 (old-fashioned) a girl or young woman
    not hit
    6 a failure to hit, catch or reach sth: He scored two goals and had another two near misses.
    Idioms: give sth a miss (informal, especially BrE) to decide not to do sth, eat sth, etc: I think I'll give badminton a miss tonight.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 not hit/catch/reach sth


    completely | just, narrowly
    The plane crashed, narrowly missing a hotel.


    The bullet missed his head by only a few inches.

    2 not hear/see/understand


    He completely missed the point of what I was saying.


    The station is just down this road on the left. You can't miss it.

    3 feel sad because sb is not with you


    dreadfully, a lot, really, terribly, very much
    Your father misses you dreadfully. I still miss her a lot.


    be greatly/sadly/sorely missed
    Anne, who died on 22 July, will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

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