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misjudge /'mis'dʤʌdʤ/
  • động từ
    • xét sai, đánh giá sai
    • có ý kiến sai
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 to form a wrong opinion about a person or situation, especially in a way that makes you deal with them or it unfairly: [VN] She now realizes that she misjudged him. + It is difficult to understand how they could have misjudged the mood of the workforce so badly. [also V wh-]
2 to estimate sth such as time or distance wrongly: [VN] He misjudged the distance and his ball landed in the lake. [also V wh-]
misjudgement (also misjudgment) noun [C, U]
Collocation Dictionary


badly, seriously | completely | easily
Quantities are easily misjudged.

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