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ministry /'ministri/
  • danh từ
    • Bộ
      • the Ministry of Foereign Trade: bộ ngoại thương
      • the Ministry of National Defense: bộ quốc phòng
      • the Foreign Ministry: bộ ngoại giao
    • chính phủ nội các
      • to form a ministry: thành lập chính phủ
    • chức bộ trưởng; nhiệm kỳ bộ trưởng
    • (tôn giáo) đoàn mục sư
      • to enter the ministry: trở thành mục sư
Concise Dictionary
+religious ministers collectively (especially Presbyterian)
+building where the business of a government department is transacted
+a government department under the direction of a minister
+the work of a minister of religion

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 priesthood, sacred calling, the church, the pulpit, the cloth; religion, holy orders:
Burt retired from the ministry to write tracts.
2 clergy, clergymen or clergywomen, clericals, the cloth, church elders or elders of the church:
During his regime, the ministry exercised great influence on the government
3 department, office, bureau, agency:
Military affairs are the responsibility of the Ministry of Defence.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural ministries)
1 [C] (BrE) a government department that has a particular area of responsibility: the Ministry of Defence + a ministry spokesperson
2 (the Ministry) [sing.+sing./pl. v.] ministers of religion, especially Protestant ministers, when they are mentioned as a group: He was an excellent candidate for the Baptist ministry.
3 [C, usually sing.] the work and duties of a minister in the Church; the period of time spent working as a minister in the Church
Collocation Dictionary


government | Agriculture, Defence, Education, Environment, Finance, Foreign (Affairs), Health, Interior, Justice, Transport, etc. | key
He assumed direct control of key ministries.


run | take over
The president took over the Ministry of Justice.
| create


approve sth, support sth
The scheme was approved by the Ministry of Housing.
| control sth | own sth
on ministry-owned land


official, spokesperson


at the ~
staff at the Greek Foreign Ministry
| for a/the ~, in/within the ~
a senior man in the Ministry of Health
| ~ of
a spokesman for the Ministry of Culture


a department at/in the ministry

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