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  • cực tiểu
  • improper m. cực tiểu không chân chính
  • weak relative m. cực tiểu tương đối yếu
Concise Dictionary
+the smallest possible quantity
+the point on a curve where the tangent changes from negative on the left to positive on the right
+the least possible
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 least, lowest, nadir:
The hotel offered the minimum of comfort for the maximum price.
2 minimal, nominal, reduced, minutest, littlest, least, slightest, lowest:
What is the minimum deposit the travel agent will accept? He refused to make even the minimum effort needed to save himself.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun
+ adjective [usually before noun] (abbreviation min.) the smallest that is possible or allowed; extremely small: a minimum charge / price + the minimum age for retirement + What are your minimum requirements for the job? + The work was done with the minimum amount of effort.
Antonym: MAXIMUM
minimum adverb: You'll need £200 minimum for your holiday expenses.
+ noun (plural minima ) [C, usually sing.]
1 (abbreviation min.) the smallest or lowest amount that is possible, required or recorded: costs should be kept to a minimum. + The class needs a minimum of six students to continue. + As an absolute minimum, you should spend two hours in the evening studying. + Temperatures will fall to a minimum of 10 degrees.
2 [sing.] an extremely small amount: He passed the exams with the minimum of effort. + The room had a minimum of furniture.
Antonym: MAXIMUM
Collocation Dictionary


absolute, bare, very | agreed, guaranteed | recommended | legal, mandatory, required, statutory


keep sth to, reduce sth to
Two fire crews managed to keep damage to a minimum.
| reach
The sun's temperature reached a minimum in the summer of 1981.
| exceed | regard sth as
A temperature of 121°C is regarded as the minimum necessary to achieve sterility.


above (the) ~, at (a/the) ~
Candidates must have a first degree at a minimum.
| below (the) ~, down to a ~
We tried to keep costs down to a minimum.
| ~ of
a minimum of £20 a minimum of fuss


the minimum acceptable/necessary/needed/required, the minimum possible
He's always done the minimum possible to pass his exams.
| with the minimum of delay/discomfort/disruption/effort/fuss/risk

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