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miniature /'minjətʃə/
  • danh từ
    • bức tiểu hoạ
    • ngành tiểu hoạ
    • mẫu vật rút nhỏ
      • in miniature: thu nhỏ lại
  • tính từ
    • nhỏ, thu nhỏ lại
      • miniature camera: máy ảnh cỡ nhỏ
      • miniature railway: đường ray nhỏ (làm mẫu hoặc để chơi)
  • ngoại động từ
    • vẽ thu nhỏ lại
Concise Dictionary
miniatures'mɪnətʃʊr /-tʃə
+painting or drawing included in a book (especially in illuminated medieval manuscripts)
+copy that reproduces something in greatly reduced size
+being on a very small scale
Thesaurus Dictionary
small, small-scale, little, tiny, diminutive, minute, wee, minuscule, mini, microscopic, micro, midget, dwarf, bantam, baby, pygmy, pocket, Lilliputian, US vest-pocket, Colloq minimal:
This miniature TV fits in the palm of your hand.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun
+ adjective [only before noun] very small; much smaller than usual: miniature roses + a rare breed of miniature horses + It looks like a miniature version of James Bond's car. + Some parents dress their children like miniature adults.
+ noun
1 a very small detailed painting, often of a person
2 a very small copy or model of sth; a very small version of sth: brandy miniatures (= very small bottles)
Idioms: in miniature on a very small scale: a doll's house with everything in miniature + Through play, children act out in miniature the dramas of adult life.

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