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merciful /'mə:siful/
  • tính từ
    • hay thương xót, nhân từ, từ bi
    • khoan dung
Concise Dictionary
'mɜrsɪfʊl /'mɜː
+showing or giving mercy
+(used conventionally of royalty and high nobility) gracious

Thesaurus Dictionary
compassionate, sympathetic, forgiving, kind, kindly, clement, kind-hearted, forbearing, sparing, lenient, tender, humane, liberal, mild, tender-hearted, soft-hearted, gracious, generous, magnanimous, benignant, beneficent, charitable, thoughtful, considerate, indulgent, big:
She begged the governor to be merciful and to spare her life.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 ready to forgive people and show them kindness: a merciful God + They asked her to be merciful to the prisoners.
2 (of an event) seeming to be lucky, especially because it brings an end to sb's problems or suffering: Death came as a merciful release.
See also - MERCY

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