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  • danh từ
    • in the meantime trong lúc ấy, trong khi ấy
    • phó từ
      • trong khi chờ đợi, trong lúc ấy, đang lúc ấy
    Concise Dictionary
    'mɪːnhwaɪl /-nwaɪl
    +the time between one event, process, or period and another
    +at the same time but in another place
    +during the intervening time

    Advanced English Dictionary
    adverb, noun
    + adverb (also informal meantime)
    1 while sth else is happening: Bob spent fifteen months alone on his yacht. Ann, meanwhile, took care of the children on her own.
    2 in the period of time between two times or two events: The doctor will see you again next week. Meanwhile, you must rest as much as possible.
    3 used to compare two aspects of a situation: Stress can be extremely damaging to your health. Exercise, meanwhile, can reduce its effects.
    + noun
    Idioms: in the meanwhile in the period of time between two times or two events: I hope to go to medical school eventually. In the meanwhile, I am going to study chemistry.

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