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materialize /mə'tiəriəlaiz/ (materialise) /mə'tiəriəlaiz/
  • động từ
    • vật chất hoá
    • cụ thể hoá; thành sự thật; thực hiện
      • the plan did not materialize: kế hoạch không thực hiện được
    • hiện ra (hồn ma...)
    • duy vật hoá
Concise Dictionary
materializes|materialized|materializingmə'tɪrɪə[-laɪz /-tɪər-
+come into being; become reality
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 appear, turn up, become visible, become manifest, be revealed, take shape or form, form, emerge:
A hulking shape began to materialize out of the fog.
2 happen, come to pass, take place, occur, become manifest or real, be realized, become an actuality, be actualized:
The dream of a united Europe is finally materializing.
Advanced English Dictionary
(BrE also materialise) verb [V]
1 (usually used in negative sentences) to take place or start to exist as expected or planned: The promotion he had been promised failed to materialize.
2 to appear suddenly and/or in a way that cannot be explained: A tall figure suddenly materialized at her side. + (informal) The train failed to materialize (= it did not come).
materialization, materialisation noun [U]
Collocation Dictionary


The hoped-for boom never materialized.


fail to
The rise in share prices failed to materialize.

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