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masquerade /,mæskə'reid/
  • danh từ
    • buổi khiêu vũ đeo mặt nạ, dạ hội giả trang
    • sự giả trang, sự giả dạng
    • trò lừa bịp, trò giả dối
    • nội động từ
      • giả trang, giả dạng
      • dự buổi khiêu vũ đeo mặt nạ, dự dạ hội giả trang
    Concise Dictionary
    +a party of guests wearing costumes and masks
    +a costume worn as a disguise at a masquerade party
    +making a false outward show
    +take part in a masquerade
    +pretend to be someone or something that you are not

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 masked ball, masquerade ball, costume party, ballo in maschera, bal masqué:
    He went to the masquerade as Lorenzo di Medici.
    2 disguise, deception, pose, dissimulation, bluff, subterfuge, false show, outward show, fakery, imposture, play-acting, false front, cover-up, camouflage, Colloq act, front, Slang put-on:
    How long will she continue her masquerade as a wealthy widow?
    3 Usually, masquerade as. pretend (to be), pass oneself off (as), impersonate, simulate, pose (as), imitate, mimic:
    He is a conservative masquerading as a liberal to garner votes.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 (formal) a way of behaving that hides the truth or a person's true feelings: He was tired of the masquerade and wanted the truth to come out.
    2 (especially AmE) a type of party where people wear special COSTUMES and MASKS over their faces, to hide their identities
    + verb [V] ~ as sth to pretend to be sth that you are not: commercial advertisers masquerading as private individuals + The local paper is full of gossip masquerading as news.

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