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marker /'mɑ:kə/
  • danh từ
    • người ghi
    • người ghi số điểm (trong trò chơi bi a)
    • vật (dùng) để ghi
    • pháo sáng (để soi mục tiêu cho những cuộc ném bom đêm)
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C] an object or a sign that shows the position of sth: a boundary marker + He placed a marker where the ball had landed.
2 [sing.] a ~ (of / for sth) a sign that sth exists or that shows what it is like: Price is not always an accurate marker of quality. + Peter has put down a marker for (= shown that he is committed to) next year as the best time to launch the new product.
3 (BrE also marker pen) a pen with a thick FELT tip
4 (BrE) (AmE grader) a person who marks/grades students' work or exam papers
5 (BrE) (in team games, especially football) a player who stays close to a player on the other team in order to stop them getting the ball

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