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margin /'mɑ:dʤin/
  • danh từ
    • mép, bờ, lề
      • on the margin of a lake: trên bờ hồ
      • in the margin of the page: ở lề trang sách
    • số dư, số dự trữ
      • a margin of 600d: một số tiền dự trữ 600 đồng
    • giới hạn
    • (thương nghiệp) lề (số chênh lệch giữa giá vốn và giá bán)
    • to escape death by a narrow margin
      • suýt chết
Concise Dictionary
margins|margined|margining'mɑrdʒɪn /'mɑːdʒɪn
+the boundary line or the area immediately inside the boundary
+an amount beyond the minimum necessary
+the amount of collateral a customer deposits with a broker when borrowing from the broker to buy securities
+(finance) the net sales minus the cost of goods and services sold
+the blank space that surrounds the text on a page
+a permissible difference; allowing some freedom to move within limits
+a strip near the boundary of an object

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 edge, border, perimeter, periphery; rim, lip, side, brink, verge:
Leave a one-inch margin at the left side of the page. Trees grew at the margin of the pond
2 limit(s), bound(s), boundary (line), border, frontier, line, partition line:
These streets form the margin of the inner city.
3 allowance, play, leeway, latitude, scope, freedom, room, space; compass:
These calculations do not provide much of a margin for error.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C] the empty space at the side of a written or printed page: the left-hand / right-hand margin + a narrow / wide margin + notes scribbled in the margin
2 [C, usually sing.] the amount of time, or number of votes, etc. by which sb wins sth: He won by a narrow margin. + She beat the other runners by a margin of ten seconds. + Members voted by a margin of 71 to become a public limited company.
3 [C] (business) = PROFIT MARGIN: What are your average operating margins? + a gross margin of 45%
4 [C, usually sing.] an extra amount of sth such as time, space, money, etc. that you include in order to make sure that sth is successful: a safety margin + The narrow gateway left me little margin for error as I reversed the car.
5 [C] (formal) the extreme edge or limit of a place: the eastern margin of the Indian Ocean
6 [C, usually pl.] the part that is not included in the main part of a group or situation: people living on the margins of society(also margin)
+ noun
the difference between the cost of buying or producing sth and the price that it is sold for: to increase / reduce the profit margin + a profit margin of 20%
Collocation Dictionary

1 empty space at the side of a page in a book, etc.


generous, wide
Leave a generous margin on the left.
| narrow | left-hand, right-hand


leave, rule, set | adjust


at the ~
Start writing at the left-hand margin.
| in the ~
She scribbled notes in the margin.

2 space, time, votes, etc. by which sth is won


comfortable, considerable, greater, huge, large, wide | narrow, slim, small | clear, safe




by a ~
She won by a clear margin.
| ~ over
He had an 18-second margin over his nearest rival.


by the largest/narrowest, etc. of margins
He won by the narrowest of margins.
| a margin of victory

3 amount of extra space, time, etc.


good, greater, wide
Sales predictions are open to wide margins of error.
| narrow | adequate | safety


allow (sb/sth), give (sb/sth), leave, provide
The device gives a greater margin of safety.


~ for
We have substantial reserves, which provide a good margin for uncertainties.


a margin for/of error
The schedule left no margin for error.
| a margin of safety

4 profit


high, large | low, narrow, small, tight
We're working to rather tight profit margins.
| gross, net | profit | operating, pre-tax, retail


achieve, have
These manufacturers have high gross margins.
| operate at/on, work to | improve, increase
Higher productivity has enabled them to increase their profit margins.
| cut, erode, reduce, squeeze
Price rises have eroded profit margins.


widen | narrow


at a ~
They are operating at very low margins.
| ~ on
They hope to improve their margins on computers.

More information about PER CENT


indicators ~ be down/up
With the share price down at 234p, it might be time to start buying. The CAC index was up 18.84 points.

~ reach sth, stand at sth
Consumer confidence reached a 30-year high. Second quarter sales stood at £ 18 billion.

~ be/remain unchanged
The 100 Share Index remained unchanged at 5297.

~ gain (sth)
The share gained 19 cents to close at 4.38.

~ suffer (sth)
Profit margins suffered when the company lowered prices to remain competitive.

~ climb, edge up, go up, increase ( ~ increase in value
for currencies
), jump, rise, rocket, shoot up, skyrocket, soar (
+by, from, to or no preposition
Earnings per share climbed from 3.5p to 5.1p. The pound has increased in value relative to the euro. Profits have shot up by a staggering 25%. Oil prices have skyrocketed.

~ come/go down, crash, decline, decrease ( ~ decrease in value
for currencies
), dive, drop, fall, plummet, plunge, shrink, slip, slump (
+by, from, to or no preposition
Banana exports crashed nearly 50%. The pound fell to a 14-year low against the dollar. Net income plummeted to USD 3.7 million.

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