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many /'meni/
  • tính từ more; most
    • nhiều, lắm
      • many people think so: nhiều người nghĩ như vậy
    • many a
      • hơn một, nhiều
    • many a time: nhiều lần
    • many a man think so: nhiều người nghĩ như vậy
    • for many a long day
      • trong một thời gian dài
    • to be one too many
      • thừa
    • to be one too many for
      • mạnh hơn, tài hơn, không ai dịch được
  • danh từ
    • nhiều, nhiều cái, nhiều người
    • the many
      • số đông, quần chúng
    • in capitalist countries the many have to labour for the few: trong các nước tư bản số đông phải lao động cho một thiểu s
Concise Dictionary
+a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `as' or `too' or `so' or `that'; amounting to a large but indefinite number
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 numerous, multitudinous, myriad, profuse, innumerable, numberless, uncountable:
Many people have an irrational fear of spiders.
2 diverse, multifarious, varied, various, assorted, sundry, Literary divers:
There are many kinds of courage.
3 horde(s), crowd(s), lot(s), swarm(s), throng(s), mass(es), profusion, multitude(s), abundance, plenty, shoal(s), flock(s), drove(s), torrent(s), flood(s), number(s), score(s), hundred(s), (thousand(s), etc.); Colloq ton(s), scads:
A great many will turn out to vote next week. Many are picked but few are chosen.
Advanced English Dictionary
determiner, pronoun
1 used with plural nouns and verbs, especially in negative sentences or in more formal English, to mean 'a large number of'. Also used in questions to ask about the size of a number, and with 'as' and 'too': We don't have very many copies left. + You can't have one each. We haven't got many. + Many people feel that the law should be changed. + Many of those present disagreed. + How many children do you have? + There are too many mistakes in this essay. + He made ten mistakes in as many (= in ten) lines. + New drivers have twice as many accidents as experienced drivers. + I've known her for a great many (= very many) years. + Even if one person is hurt that is one too many. + It was one of my many mistakes. + a many-headed monster
2 (the many) used with a plural verb to mean 'most people': a government which improves conditions for the many
3 (many a) (formal) used with a singular noun and verb to mean 'a large number of': Many a good man has been destroyed by drink.
Idioms: as many as ... used to show surprise that the number of people or things involved is so large: There were as many as 200 people at the lecture.
have had one too many (informal) to be slightly drunk
many's the ... (formal) used to show that sth happens often: Many's the time I heard her use those words.

many / a lot of / lots of
Many is used only with countable nouns. It is used mainly in questions and negative sentences: Do you go to many concerts? + How many people came to the meeting? + I don't go to many concerts. Although it is not common in statements, it is used after so, as and too:
You made too many mistakes.

In statements a lot of or lots of (informal) are much more common: I go to a lot of concerts. + 'How many CDs have you got?' 'Lots!' However, they are not used with measurements of time or distance:
I stayed in England many/quite a few/ten weeks. + I stayed in England a lot of weeks. When a lot of/lots of means 'many', it takes a plural verb:
Lots of people like Italian food. You can also use plenty of (informal):
Plenty of stores stay open late. These phrases can also be used in questions and negative sentences.

A lot of/lots of is still felt to be informal, especially in BrE, so in formal writing it is better to use many or a large number of in statements.
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