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manufacturer /,mænju'fæktʃərə/
  • danh từ
    • người chế tạo, người sản xuất
    • nhà công nghiệp; chủ xí nghiệp, chủ xưởng
Concise Dictionary
manufacturers‚mænə'fæktʃərə(r) /-njʊ'f-
+a business engaged in manufacturing some product
+someone who manufactures something

Thesaurus Dictionary
maker, producer, industrialist, fabricator:
Manufacturers of computers usually buy components from specialized firms.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
(also the manufacturers [pl.]) a person or company that produces goods in large quantities: a car / computer manufacturer + Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. + Faulty goods should be returned to the manufacturers.
Collocation Dictionary


big, large, leading, major
the world's largest computer manufacturer
| well-known | commercial | independent | foreign, overseas | car, chemical, computer, motor, textile, etc.


the manufacturer's instructions
The guarantee may be rendered invalid if the manufacturer's instructions are not followed.

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