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majesty /'mædʤisti/
  • danh từ
    • vẻ uy nghi, vẻ oai nghiêm, vẻ oai vệ, vẻ đường bệ
    • Your (His, Her) Majesty
      • tâu Bệ hạ, tâu Hoàng đế, tâu Hoàng hậu (tiếng tôn xưng)
Concise Dictionary
+impressiveness in scale or proportion
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural majesties)
1 [U] (written) the impressive and attractive quality that sth has: the sheer majesty of St Peter's in Rome + the majesty of the music
2 [C] (His / Her / Your Majesty) a title of respect used when speaking about or to a king or queen: Their Majesties, the King and Queen of Spain + The Prime Minister is here to see you, Your Majesty.
3 [U] royal power

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