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  • danh từ
    • xu hướng/xu thế chủ đạo
    • loại nhạc jaz chẳng phải truyền thống nhưng cũng chẳng hiện đại
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
(the mainstream) [sing.] the ideas and opinions that are thought to be normal because they are shared by most people; the people whose ideas and opinions are most accepted: His radical views place him outside the mainstream of American politics. + He was never part of the literary mainstream as a writer.
mainstream adjective [usually before noun]: mainstream education
Collocation Dictionary


cultural, educational, political, etc.


enter, join | cut sb/sth off from, exclude sb/sth from
These teachers have been cut off from the mainstream of educational activity.


society | education, schools | parties, politics | art, cinema | media


in/within the ~
He was in the mainstream of British contemporary music.
| into the ~
This technology was designed for specialists but is now starting to move into the mainstream.
| out of/outside the ~
He drifted out of the mainstream of society.


part of the mainstream
This style of drama is not part of the mainstream.

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