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main /mein/
  • danh từ
    • cuộc chọi gà
    • danh từ
      • with might and main với tất cả sức mạnh, dốc hết sức
      • phần chính, phần cốt yếu, phần chủ yếu
      • ống dẫn chính (điện, nước, hơi đốt)
      • (thơ ca) biển cả
      • tính từ
        • chính, chủ yếu, quan trọng nhất
          • the main street of a town: đường phố chính của thành phố
          • the main body of an arm: bộ phận chính của đạo quân, quân chủ lực
      Concise Dictionary
      +any very large body of (salt) water
      +a principal pipe in a system that distributes water or gas or electricity or that collects sewage
      +most important element
      +(of a clause) capable of standing syntactically alone as a complete sentence
      +of force; of the greatest possible intensity

      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 chief, primary, prime, (most) important, principal, cardinal, paramount, first, foremost, leading, pre-eminent, predominant, predominating, dominant, ranking, major; outstanding:
      The main cause of traffic deaths is drunken driving. In Britain, the main street of a town is called 'the High Street'. We arrived late and missed the main entertainment.
      2 largest, biggest, greatest, strongest:
      The main part of the strike force landed in Normandy.
      3 necessary, essential, basic, particular, fundamental, critical, crucial, vital:
      Economic recovery is the main thrust of our programme for reform.
      4 sheer, brute, utter, pure, out-and-out, absolute, mere, plain:
      He lifted that block by main force!
      5 pipe, duct, channel, line, pipeline, water or gas main, Brit (electric) cable, mains, power (supply), conduit:
      Water reaches the city through a huge underground main.
      6 strength, power, might, effort, energy, vigour:
      With all his might and main he tried to move the stone blocking the cave
      7 in the main. See mainly, below.
      in the main, chiefly, principally, predominantly, generally, above all, on the whole, in general, mostly, most of all, effectively, essentially, at bottom, first and foremost, for the most part, largely, by and large, primarily, as a rule, usually, all in all, on balance, for all practical purposes, in the long run:
      We are concerned mainly with safety. The tourists are mainly from Italy.
      Advanced English Dictionary
      adjective, noun
      + adjective [only before noun] being the largest or most important of its kind: Be careful crossing the main road. + the main course (= of a meal) + We have our main meal at lunchtime. + Reception is in the main building. + Poor housing and unemployment are the main problems. + (spoken) The main thing is to stay calm.
      Idioms see EYE n.
      + noun
      1 [C] a large pipe that carries water or gas to a building; a large cable that carries electricity to a building: a leaking gas main
      See also - WATER MAIN
      2 a large pipe that carries waste/water and SEWAGE (= human waste, etc.) away from a building
      3 (the mains) [pl.] (BrE) the place where the supply of water, gas or electricity to a building or an area starts; the system of providing gas, water and electricity to a building or of carrying it away from a building: The house is not yet connected to the mains. + The electricity supply has been cut off at the mains. + Plug the transformer into the mains (= the place on a wall where electricity is brought into a room). + mains gas / water / electricity + The shaver will run off batteries or mains. + mains drainage
      Idioms: in the main used to say that a statement is true in most cases: The service here is, in the main, reliable. + In the main, the money raised goes to children's charities.
      Collocation Dictionary


      gas, water | burst, leaking
      There's a burst water main in Quarry Road.

      VERB + MAIN

      They're laying a new gas main through the town.

      MAIN + VERB

      serve sth
      The main serves four villages.
      | explode, leak

      MAIN + NOUN

      electricity, gas, water
      an island without mains electricity


      at the ~s
      Turn the water off at the mains.
      | on the ~s
      Some of the remoter houses in the village are not on the mains.

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