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lucky /'lʌki/
  • tính từ
    • đỏ, gặp may, may mắn, gặp vận may, hạnh phúc
      • you are a lucky dog!: anh vận đỏ thật!
      • lucky beggar!; lucky bargee!: (thông tục) thằng cha vận đỏ thật!
    • đem lại may mắn, đem lại kết quả tốt, mang điềm lành
      • a lucky day: một ngày may mắn
    • may mà đúng, may mà được
      • a lucky guess: một câu đoán may mà đúng
      • a lucky shot: một phát súng may mà tin
  • danh từ, (từ lóng)
    • to cut (make) one's lucky chuồn, tẩu, chạy trốn
Concise Dictionary
+blessed with good fortune
+having or bringing good fortune
+favoring or bringing good luck

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 fortunate, blessed, favoured, charmed:
She was very lucky to get the job.
2 providential, timely, opportune, propitious, favourable, auspicious, advantageous, convenient, fortuitous:
It was lucky that you were at the swimming pool to save her.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective (luckier, luckiest)
1 ~ (to do sth)
~ (that ...) having good luck
His friend was killed and he knows he is lucky to be alive. + She was lucky enough to be chosen for the team. + You were lucky (that) you spotted the danger in time. + Mark is one of the lucky ones-he at least has somewhere to sleep. + the lucky winners + You can think yourself lucky you didn't get mugged. + She counted herself lucky that she still had a job.
2 ~ (for sb) (that ...) being the result of good luck: It was lucky for us that we were able to go. + That was the luckiest escape of my life. + a lucky guess
3 bringing good luck: a lucky charm
luckily adverb ~ (for sb): Luckily for us, the train was late. + Luckily, I am a good swimmer.
Idioms: lucky you, me, etc. (spoken) used to show that you think sb is lucky to have sth, be able to do sth, etc: 'I'm off to Paris.' 'Lucky you!'
you'll be lucky (spoken) used to tell sb that sth that they are expecting probably will not happen: 'I was hoping to get a ticket for Saturday.' 'You'll be lucky.'
you, etc. should be so lucky (spoken) used to tell sb that they will probably not get what they are hoping for, and may not deserve it
Collocation Dictionary


be | get, strike (it)
(both informal) hoping that some day she'll get lucky and win the jackpot
| consider/count/think youself
He considered himself lucky to have had the opportunity.


damn/damned, dead, exceedingly, extraordinarily, extremely, incredibly, really, remarkably, terribly, very
She is incredibly lucky to be alive.
| a bit, fairly, pretty, quite
We've been pretty lucky so far.


It was lucky for you that no one saw you.
| with
We certainly struck it lucky with the weather.

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