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lower /'louə/
  • tính từ, cấp so sánh của low
    • thấp hơn, ở dưới, bậc thấp
      • the lower lip: môi dưới
      • the lower animals: động vật bậc thấp
      • the lower school: trường tiểu học
  • động từ
    • hạ thấp, hạ xuống, kéo xuống
      • to lower a flag: kéo cờ xuống
      • to lower one's voice: hạ giọng
    • giảm, hạ (giá cả)
      • to lower prices: hạ giá
    • làm yếu đi, làm giảm đi
      • poor diet lowers resistance to illiness: chế độ ăn uống kém làm giảm sức đề kháng đối với bệnh tật
    • làm xấu đi, làm thành hèn hạ, làm giảm giá trị
      • to lower oneself: tự mình làm mất phẩm giá, tự mình làm cho hèn hạ; tự hạ mình
  • nội động từ
    • cau mày; có vẻ đe doạ
    • tối sầm (trời, mây)
Concise Dictionary
+the lower of two berths
+move something or somebody to a lower position
+set lower
+cause to drop or sink
+make lower or quieter
+look angry or sullen, wrinkle one's forehead, as if to signal disapproval

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 drop, reduce, decrease, mark down, discount, lessen, diminish, downgrade, cut, slash:
Prices on all goods have been lowered.
2 let or move or bring or put down, drop:
The drawbridge was lowered and the knights rode across. They lowered the coffin into the grave
3 cut or lop off, cut or take down, reduce, diminish, crop, trim:
We lowered the hedge by a foot.
4 abase, debase, degrade, discredit, shame, disgrace, demean, belittle, humble, humiliate; stoop, deign, condescend:
I wouldn't lower myself to so much as speak to him.
5 turn down, quieten, moderate, modulate, soften, tone down:
He lowered his voice to a whisper.
6 further or farther down:
My mother has a flat on a lower floor of the building.
7 earlier:
These primitive amphibians are from the Lower Carboniferous.
8 lower case. small, minuscule:
Use capitals for the first letters and lower case for the rest in these names.
See lour, above.
See low, 7, above.
faithful, true, dependable, devoted, trustworthy, trusty, steady, steadfast, staunch, trusted, reliable, stable, unswerving, unwavering, dedicated, constant, patriotic:
Give me twelve men loyal and true and we shall rout the enemy.

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