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loss /lɔs/
  • danh từ
    • sự mất
    • sự thua, sự thất bại
      • the loss of a battle: sự thua trận
    • sự thiệt hại, tổn hại, tổn thất, thua lỗ
      • to suffer heavy losses: bị thiệt hại nặng
      • to seli at a loss: bán lỗ vốn
      • a deal loss: sự mất không
      • to make up a loss: bù vào chỗ thiệt
      • the dealth of Lenin was a great loss to the world proletarian movement: Lê-nin mất đi là một tổn thất lớn cho phong trào vô sản thế giới
    • sự uổng phí, sự bỏ phí
      • without loss of time: không để uổng phí thì giờ
    • to be at a loss
      • lúng túng, bối rối, luống cuống
    • to be a loss to answers (for an answer; how to answer): lúng túng không biết trả lời thế nào
Concise Dictionary
losseslɔs /lɒs
+the act of losing
+something that is lost
+the amount by which the cost of a business exceeds its revenue
+gradual decline in amount or activity
+the disadvantage that results from losing something
+military personnel lost by death or capture
+the experience of losing a loved one
+euphemistic expressions for death

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 deprivation, bereavement, privation, denial, sacrifice, forfeiture, disappearance:
We must be constantly vigilant to watch for any loss of our liberty.
2 diminution, erosion, reduction, impoverishment, depletion, shrinkage:
New policies are in place to stem the loss of parkland.
3 disadvantage, detriment, harm, impairment, injury, damage:
I don't regard Wentworth's resignation as any great loss.
4 waste, wastage, wasting, squandering:
The loss of time was owing to a train delay.
5 defeat, set-back, disadvantage, disappointment, failure, downfall, collapse, breakdown, ruin; drubbing, trouncing:
His loss is my gain.
6 Often, losses. debit(s), liability (liabilities), negative cash flow:
The company wrote off the losses.
7 Often, losses. death, dying, passing, demise, destruction, extermination, extinction, annihilation:
The loss from disease was overwhelming. What losses did they suffer in the battle?

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