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little /'litl/
  • tính từ less, lesser; least
    • nhỏ bé, be bỏng
      • a little house: một căn nhà nhỏ
    • ngắn, ngắn ngủi
      • a little while: một thời gian ngắn, một lúc
    • ít ỏi
      • too little time: ít thời gian quá
      • little money: ít tiền
    • nhỏ nhen, nhỏ mọn, tầm thường, hẹp hòi, ti tiện
      • little things amuse little minds: những kẻ tầm thường chỉ thích thú những chuyện tầm thường
    • little Mary
      • (thông tục) dạ dày
    • little Masters
      • trường phái các nhà khắc tranh Đức thế kỷ 16
    • the little
      • những người tầm thường, những vật nhỏ mọn
  • danh từ
    • ít, chẳng bao nhiêu, không nhiều
      • little remains to be said: chẳng còn gì nữa để mà nói
    • một chút, một ít
      • to know a little of everything: cái gì cũng biết một chút
    • một thời gian ngắn, một quâng ngắn
      • after a little: sau một thời gian ngắn, sau một quâng ngắn
    • in little
      • với quy mô nhỏ
    • litle by little
      • dần dần
  • phó từ
    • ít, một chút
      • I like him little: tôi ít thích nó
    • không một chút nào
      • to little know that...: không dè rằng...
Concise Dictionary
+a small amount or duration
+limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent
+(quantifier used with mass nouns) small in quantity or degree; not much or almost none or (with `a') at least some
+of short duration or distance
+(of children and animals) young, immature
+(informal) small and of little importance
+(of a voice) faint
+small in a way that arouses feelings (of tenderness or its opposite depending on the context)
+not much
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 small, short, slight, tiny, minute, diminutive, miniature, mini, baby, doll-sized, undersized, dwarf, midget, pygmy, elfin, toy, bantam, petite, wee, infinitesimal, minuscule, Lilliputian, teeny, teeny-weeny, teensy-weensy, itty-bitty, itsy-bitsy, microscopic:
I live in a little house. A little red-faced man suddenly appeared. They sat drinking coffee out of little white cups
2 young, small, youthful:
You are asking a lot from a little boy.
3 small, sparse, skimpy, meagre, scant, insufficient, inadequate, not enough, scanty, barely or hardly any:
A little crowd gathered round us. You will get little help from her. There's too little milk for us to make custard
4 short, brief:
We had only a little time together before he was sent overseas.
5 trifling, trivial, small, minor, petty, paltry, insignificant, inconsiderable, unimportant, inconsequential, negligible:
He seemed to consider my safety of little importance. He does a little business on the side. You are too concerned about little things.
6 small(-minded), petty, picayune, mean, ungenerous, illiberal, cheap, narrow(-minded), unimaginative, shallow:
What is going on in his cunning little brain?
7 seldom, rarely, hardly ever, scarcely:
I travel very little these days.
8 (but or only) slightly, barely, hardly, scarcely, no, not any, not much:
She arrived with little more than what she was wearing.
9 scarcely, hardly:
Little does he care whether he wins his wager.
10 bit, dab, dollop, particle, spoonful, taste, thimbleful, speck, spot, scrap, crumb, particle, Colloq smidgen or smidgin:
If you could spare me a little of your time, I'd be grateful.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, determiner, pronoun, adverb
+ adjective [usually before noun]
Help Note: The forms littler are rare. It is more common to use smaller and smallest.
1 not big; small; smaller than others: a little house + a little group of tourists + a little old lady + the classic little black dress + 'Which do you want?' 'I'll take the little one.' + She gave a little laugh. + (BrE) We should manage, with a little bit of luck. + Here's a little something (= a small present) for your birthday.
2 used after an adjective to show affection or dislike, especially in a PATRONIZING way (= one that suggests that you think you are better than sb): The poor little thing! It's lost its mother. + What a nasty little man! + She's a good little worker. + He'd become quite the little gentleman.
3 young: a little boy / girl + My little sister (= younger sister) is 21 today. + I lived in America when I was little.
4 (of distance or time) short: A little while later the phone rang. + Shall we walk a little way?
5 not important; not serious: I can't remember every little detail. + You soon get used to the little difficulties. - SMALL
littleness noun [U] (rare)
Idioms: a little bird told me (spoken) used to say that sb told you sth but you do not want to say who it was
more at WONDER n.
determiner, pronoun
1 used with uncountable nouns to mean 'not much': There was little doubt in my mind. + Students have little or no choice in the matter. + I understood little of what he said. + She said little or nothing (= hardly anything) about her experience. + Tell him as little as possible.
2 (a little) used with uncountable nouns to mean 'a small amount', 'some': a little milk / sugar / tea + If you have any spare milk, could you give me a little? + I've only read a little of the book so far. + (formal) It caused not a little / no little (= a lot of) confusion. + After a little (= a short time) he got up and left.
Idioms: little by little slowly; gradually: Little by little the snow disappeared. + His English is improving little by little.
+ adverb (less, least)
1 not much; only slightly: He is little known as an artist. + I slept very little last night. + (written) Little did I know that this spelled the end of my career.
2 a little (bit) to a small degree: She seemed a little afraid of going inside. + These shoes are a little (bit) too big for me. + (informal) Everything has become just that little bit harder. + (formal) She felt tired and more than a little worried. - BIT

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