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lip /lip/
  • danh từ
    • môi
      • upper lip: môi trên
      • lower lip: môi dưới
      • to curl one's lips: cong môi
      • to liock (smack) one's lips: liếm môi (trong khi hay trước khi ăn uống cái gì ngon); (nghĩa bóng) tỏ vẻ khoái trá, thoả mãn
      • to make a lip: bĩu môi
    • miệng vết thương, miệng vết lở
    • miệng, mép (cốc, giếng, núi lửa...)
    • cánh môi hình môi
    • (âm nhạc) cách đặt môi
    • (từ lóng) sự hỗn xược, sự láo xược
      • to have had enough of someone's lip: không thể chịu được sự láo xược của ai
    • stiff upper lip
      • sự không nao núng, sự không lay chuyển được, tính kiên cường
    • to carry (keep) a stiff upper lip: không nao núng, giữ vững tinh thần, kiên cường
    • to hang one's lip
      • buồn thiu, sầu não
    • to hang on somebody's lips
      • (xem) hang
    • not tom open one's lips
      • không hé răng
    • word escapes one's lips
      • nói lỡ lời
  • ngoại động từ
    • hôn, mặt môi vào
    • vỗ bờ (nước, sóng)
    • thì thầm
    • nội động từ
      • vỗ bập bềnh (nước, sóng)
    Concise Dictionary
    +fleshy folds of tissue as those surrounding the mouth
    +an impudent or insolent rejoinder
    +the top edge of a vessel or other container

    Advanced English Dictionary
    + noun
    1 [C] either of the two soft edges at the opening to the mouth: The assistant pursed her lips. + your upper / lower / top / bottom lip + She kissed him on the lips. + Not a drop of alcohol passed my lips (= I didn't drink any).
    2 (-lipped) (in adjectives) having the type of lips mentioned: thin-lipped + thick-lipped
    See also - TIGHT-LIPPED
    3 [C] ~ (of sth) the edge of a container or a hollow place in the ground: He ran his finger around the lip of the cup. + Lava bubbled a few feet below the lip of the crater.
    4 [U] (informal) words spoken to sb that are rude and show a lack of respect for that person
    Synonym: CHEEK
    Don't let him give you any lip! + I've just about had enough of your lip!
    Idioms: lick / smack your lips
    1 to move your tongue over your lips, especially before eating sth good
    2 (informal) to show that you are excited about sth and want it to happen soon: They were licking their lips at the thought of clinching the deal.
    my lips are sealed used to say that you will not repeat sb's secret to other people
    on everyone's lips if sth is on everyone's lips, they are all talking about it
    more at BITE v., PASS v., READ v., STIFF adj.
    Collocation Dictionary


    top, upper | bottom, lower | chapped, cracked, dry | moist | fleshy, thick | thin | firm

    VERB + LIP

    bite, chew
    He bit his lip nervously, trying not to cry.
    | press together, purse
    She pursed her lips in disapproval.
    | pout | lick, smack
    He licked his lips hungrily.
    | moisten
    He nervously moistened his lips with his tongue.

    LIP + VERB

    move, part
    Her lips parted with a cry of fear.
    | quiver, tremble | curl
    His lips curled contemptuously.
    | pout
    The firm lips pouted in a sulk.
    | protrude


    around/round your ~
    He ran his tongue round his lips.
    | between your ~
    a cigarette between his lips
    | on your ~
    There was a slight smile on her lips.

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