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link /liɳk/
  • danh từ
    • đuốc, cây đuốc
    • danh từ
      • mắt xích, vòng xích, khâu xích
      • mắt dây đạc (= 0, 20 m)
      • (số nhiều) khuy cửa tay
      • mắt lưới; mắt áo sợi dệt, mắt áo sợi đan
      • mối liên lạc; chỗ nối; vật để nối
      • ngoại động từ
        • nối, nối lại với nhau, kết hợp lại, liên kết lại, liên hợp lại
        • khoác (tay)
        • nội động từ
          • kết hợp, liên kết; bị ràng buộc
        Concise Dictionary
        +the means of connection between things linked in series
        +a fastener that serves to join or connect
        +the state of being connected
        +a connecting shape
        +a unit of length equal to 1/100 of a chain
        +(computing) an instruction that connects one part of a program or an element on a list to another program or list
        +a channel for communication between groups
        +a two-way radio communication system (usually microwave); part of a more extensive telecommunication network
        +an interconnecting circuit between two or more locations for the purpose of transmitting and receiving data
        +make a logical or causal connection
        +connect, fasten, or put together two or more pieces
        +be or become joined or united or linked
        +link with or as with a yoke

        Thesaurus Dictionary
        1 tie, bond, coupling, connector, vinculum; element, constituent, component:
        A chain is no stronger than its weakest link.
        2 connection, tie-up, tie-in, relation, relationship, association, affiliation, interdependence:
        What is the link between her arrival and his sudden departure? He thinks he's identified the missing link.
        3 Often, link up. couple, join, fasten (together), unite; concatenate:
        They linked arms to form a barrier.
        4 connect, tie (up or in or together), associate, relate, identify with:
        I cannot help feeling that this murder links up with the others.
        Advanced English Dictionary
        noun, verb
        + noun
        1 ~ (between A and B) a connection between two or more people or things: Police suspect there may be a link between the two murders. + evidence for a strong causal link between exposure to sun and skin cancer
        See also - MISSING LINK
        2 ~ (between A and B)
        ~ (with sth) a relationship between two or more people, countries or organizations: to establish / maintain trade links with Asia + Social customs provide a vital link between generations. + The department is interested in developing closer links with industry.
        3 a means of travelling or communicating between two places: a high-speed rail link + a link road + a telephone / video link + The speech was broadcast via a satellite link.
        4 each ring of a chain
        See also - CUFFLINK
        Idioms: a link in the chain one of the stages in a process or a line of argument: Food production, processing and marketing are different links in the chain from farmer to consumer. + Death is the last link in the chain.
        more at WEAK
        + verb [VN] [often passive] ~ A to / with B
        ~ A and B (together)
        1 to make a physical connection between one object, machine, place, etc. and another: The video cameras are linked to a powerful computer. + The Channel Tunnel links Britain with the rest of Europe. + When computers are networked, they are linked together so that information can be transferred between them.
        2 if sth links two things, facts or situations, or they are linked, they are connected in some way: Exposure to ultraviolet light is closely linked to skin cancer. + The two factors are directly linked. + The personal and social development of the child are inextricably linked (= they depend on each other).
        3 to state that there is a connection or relationship between two things or people: Detectives have linked the break-in to a similar crime in the area last year. + Newspapers have linked his name with the singer.
        4 to join two things by putting one through the other: The two girls linked arms as they strolled down the street.
        Phrasal Verbs: link up (with sb/sth) to join or become joined with sb/sth: The two spacecraft will link up in orbit. + The bands have linked up for a charity concert.
        related noun LINK-UP
        Collocation Dictionary


        close, intimate | strong | tenuous, weak | clear, definite, obvious | possible
        Scientists have established possible links between cancer and diet.
        | crucial, essential, important, vital
        Social workers provide a vital link between hospital and community.
        | common
        The common link between the three artists is their age.
        | formal, informal | direct, indirect | historical, long-standing | connecting | causal
        The report failed to prove a causal link between violence on screen and in real life.
        | missing
        the missing link in the search for the causes of cancer
        | tangible
        a tangible link with the past
        | business, commercial, communication, cultural, diplomatic, economic, financial, military, political, professional, sporting, trade, etc. | family, kinship | air, rail/railway, road, transport | fast, high-speed | computer, modem, radio, satellite, telephone, video

        VERB + LINK

        have | build, create, develop, establish, forge, foster, make
        The college is keen to build links with local industries.
        | provide | maintain, preserve | strengthen | break, cut, sever
        She has severed her last links with her family.

        LINK + VERB

        connect sth, join sth

        LINK + NOUN



        via a/the ~
        a programme transmitted via a satellite link
        | ~ across
        trade links across the border
        | ~ between
        The statistics show a clear link between social class and crime.
        | ~ in
        The sales manager is regarded as the weakest link in the chain.
        | ~ to
        The driver has a radio link to base.
        | ~ with
        the city's traditional link with opera

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