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lighten /'laitn/
  • ngoại động từ
    • chiếu sáng, rọi sáng, soi sáng
    • nội động từ
      • sáng lên; sáng loé, chớp
      • ngoại động từ
        • làm nhẹ đi, làm nhẹ bớt
        • an ủi; làm cho đỡ đau đớn, làm cho bớt ưu phiền
        • nội động từ
          • nhẹ đi
          • bớt đau đớn, bớt ưu phiền
        Concise Dictionary
        +make more cheerful
        +reduce the weight on; make lighter
        +become more cheerful
        +make lighter or brighter
        +become brighter
        +become lighter
        +alleviate or remove (pressure or stress) or make less oppressive

        Thesaurus Dictionary
        1 illuminate, brighten, light up:
        Opening the curtains would lighten up the room.
        2 cheer (up), brighten, gladden, shine; smile:
        Her face lightened when he said he would be home for the holidays.
        disencumber, disburden, relieve, alleviate, reduce, lessen, mitigate:
        To lighten my load, I had left my suitcase at the hotel.
        Advanced English Dictionary
        + verb
        1 [VN] to reduce the amount of work, debt, worry, etc. that sb has: equipment to lighten the load of domestic work + The measures will lighten the tax burden on small businesses.
        2 to become or make sth become brighter or lighter in colour: [V] The sky began to lighten in the east. + [VN] Use bleach to lighten the wood.
        3 ~ (sth) (up) to feel or make sb feel less sad, worried or serious: [V] My mood gradually lightened. + [VN] She told a joke to lighten the atmosphere.
        4 [VN] to make sth lighter in weight
        Phrasal Verbs: lighten up (spoken) used to tell sb to become less serious or worried about sth: Come on, John. Lighten up!

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