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lie /lai/
  • danh từ
    • sự nói dối, sự nói láo, sự nói điêu, sự dối trá; sự lừa dối, sự lừa gạt
      • to give someone the lie: buộc tội ai là dối trá
      • a white lie: lời nói dối vô tội
    • điều tin tưởng sai lầm; ước lệ sai lầm
      • to worship a lie: sùng bái một cái sai lầm
      • to maintain a lie: duy trì một ước lệ sai lầm
    • to act a lie
      • lừa dối bằng hành động
    • to give a lie to
      • chứng minh là sai; đập tan (luận điệu)
  • động từ
    • nói dối; lừa dối
    • nội động từ lay, lain
      • nằm, nằm nghỉ
        • the ship is lying at the port: con tàu thả neo nằm ở bên cảng
        • the valley lies at our feet: thung lũng nằm ở dưới chân chúng tôi
      • (pháp lý) được coi là hợp lệ, được coi là hợp pháp, được pháp luật chấp nhận
        • the appeal does not lie: sự chống án không hợp lệ
      • to lie back
        • ngả mình (nghỉ ngơi)
      • to lie by
        • nằm bên, ở bên cạnh
      • để dự trữ, để dành dụm; để đó chưa dùng đến
      • to lie down
        • nằm nghỉ
      • chịu khuất phục
      • to lie in
        • sinh nở, ở cữ
      • to lie off
        • (hàng hải) nằm cách xa (bờ hoặc tàu khác)
      • to lie on (upon)
        • thuộc trách nhiệm (của ai)
      • to lie out
        • ngủ đêm ngoài trời
      • to lie over
        • hoãn
      • to lie under
        • chịu
      • to lie up
        • đi nằm nghỉ; nằm bẹp ở giường (trong phòng) (vì ốm)
      • rút về một nơi kín đáo; ở một nơi kín đáo
      • (hàng hải) về nằm ở xưởng sửa chữa; bị loại ra không dùng được nữa
      • to lie with
        • là việc của, là quyền của
      • ngủ với, ăn nằm với (ai)
      • to lie [heavy] at someone's heart
        • (xem) heart
      • to lie down under an insult
        • cam chịu lời chửi
      • to lie in one
        • trong phạm vi quyền lợi, trong phạm vi khả năng
      • to lie in wait for
        • (xem) wait
      • to lie on the bed one has made
        • (tục ngữ) mình làm mình chịu
      • to lie out of one's money
        • không được người ta trả tiền cho mình
      • to do all that lies in one's power
        • làm hết sức mình
      • to find out how the land lies
        • xem sự thể ra sao, xem tình hình ra sao
      • to know where one's interest lie
        • biết rõ lợi cho mình ở đâu
    • danh từ
      • tình hình, sự thể, sự tình, tình thế, cục diện; hướng
      • nơi ẩn (của thú, chim, cá...)
      • lie of the land
        • sự thể
      • I want to know the lie of the land: tôi muốn biết sự thể ra sao
    Concise Dictionary
    +a statement that deviates from or perverts the truth
    +Norwegian diplomat who was the first Secretary General of the United Nations (1896-1968)
    +position or manner in which something is situated
    +be located or situated somewhere; occupy a certain position
    +be lying, be prostrate; be in a horizontal position
    +originate (in)
    +be and remain in a particular state or condition
    +tell an untruth; pretend with intent to deceive
    +have a place in relation to something else
    +assume a reclining position

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 prevaricate, fabricate, misrepresent, invent, commit perjury, perjure or forswear oneself, Colloq fib:
    If he says that I ate the last cake, he's lying.
    2 falsehood, untruth, falsification, misrepresentation, fiction, invention, prevarication, fib, fabrication, Colloq story, cock-and-bull story, (tall) tale, whopper, US fish story, fish tale:
    His claim of having been attacked was found to be a lie.
    1 recline, stretch out, be prostrate or recumbent or prone or supine:
    I'm going to lie down for a nap before dinner.
    2 rest, repose; can be found, be, be situated:
    The book is lying on the table. The land lies on the Berkshire-Surrey border.
    3 rest, repose, be, reside, dwell, abide, remain, belong:
    The responsibility lies with you.
    4 press, burden, weigh, rest, be:
    The onus for the crime lies heavily on him.
    5 lie low. hide, remain concealed or in hiding, keep out of sight, Colloq Brit lie doggo:
    You'd better lie low till the affair is forgotten.
    6 lie of the land. state, status, condition, situation, atmosphere, mood, spirit, temper, character:
    You ought to determine the lie of the land before submitting your proposal.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    verb, noun-see also LIE
    + verb (lies, lying, lay )
    1 (of a person or an animal) to be or put yourself in a flat or horizontal position so that you are not standing or sitting: [V, +adv./prep.] to lie on your back / side / front + [V-ADJ] The cat was lying fast asleep by the fire.
    2 (of a thing) to be or remain in a flat position on a surface: [V, +adv./prep.] Clothes were lying all over the floor. + [V-ADJ] The book lay open on his desk.
    3 to be, remain or be kept in a particular state: [V-ADJ] Snow was lying thick on the ground. + These machines have lain idle since the factory closed. + [V +adv./prep.] a ship lying at anchor + I'd rather use my money than leave it lying in the bank.
    4 [V +adv./prep.] (of a town, natural feature, etc.) to be situated in a particular place: The town lies on the coast.
    5 [V +adv./prep.] to be spread out in a particular place: The valley lay below us.
    6 [V] ~ (in sth) (of ideas, qualities, problems, etc.) to exist or be found: The problem lies in deciding when to intervene.
    7 (BrE) to be in a particular position during a competition: [V, +adv./prep.] Thompson is lying in fourth place. + [V-ADJ] After five games the German team are lying second.
    Compare: LAY
    Idioms: lie in state (of the dead body of an important person) to be placed on view in a public place before being buried
    lie in wait (for sb) to hide, waiting to surprise, attack or catch sb: He was surrounded by reporters who had been lying in wait for him.
    lie low (informal) to try not to attract attention to yourself
    take sth lying down to accept an insult or offensive act without protesting or reacting
    more at BED n., BOTTOM n., HEAVY adv., LAND n., SLEEP v.
    Phrasal Verbs: lie around / about
    1 (of a number of things) to be spread in an untidy way somewhere: Don't leave toys lying around-someone might trip over them.
    2 (of a person) to spend time doing nothing and being lazy
    related noun LAYABOUT
    lie back to do nothing except relax: You don't have to do anything-just lie back and enjoy the ride.
    lie behind sth to be the real reason for sth, often hidden: What lay behind this strange outburst?
    lie down to be or get into a flat position, especially in bed, in order to sleep or rest: Go and lie down for a while. + He lay down on the sofa and soon fell asleep.
    related noun LIE-DOWN
    lie in (BrE) (also sleep in AmE, BrE) (informal) to stay in bed after the time you usually get up: It's a holiday tomorrow, so you can lie in.
    related noun LIE-IN
    lie with sb (to do sth) (formal) to be sb's duty or responsibility: It lies with you to accept or reject the proposals.
    + noun
    Idioms: the lie of the land (BrE) (AmE the lay of the land)
    1 the way the land in an area is formed and what physical characteristics it has: The castle was hidden by the lie of the land.
    2 the way a situation is now and how it is likely to develop: Check out the lie of the land before you make a decision.
    verb, noun-see also LIE
    + verb (lies, lying, lied, lied) [V] ~ (to sb) (about sth) to say or write sth that you know is not true: You could see from his face that he was lying. + Don't lie to me! + She lies about her age. + The camera cannot lie (= give a false impression).
    See also - LIAR
    Idioms: lie through your teeth (informal) to say sth that is not true at all: The witness was clearly lying through his teeth.
    lie your way into / out of sth to get yourself into or out of a situation by lying
    + noun
    a statement made by sb knowing that it is not true: to tell a lie + The whole story is nothing but a pack of lies. + a barefaced lie (= a lie that is deliberate and shocking)
    See also - WHITE LIE
    Idioms: give the lie to sth (formal) to show that sth is not true: These new figures give the lie to the belief that unemployment is going down.
    I tell a lie (BrE, spoken) used to say that sth you have just said is not true or correct: We first met in 1982, no, I tell a lie, it was 1983.
    more at LIVE, TISSUE
    Collocation Dictionary


    big, monstrous, (whopping) great
    He told a whopping great lie!
    | little | complete, downright, outright
    That's a downright lie!
    | white
    A little white lie is surely excusable.
    | deliberate | barefaced, blatant, obvious, transparent | elaborate
    a web of elaborate lies

    VERB + LIE

    tell (sb) | believe, swallow
    How could she swallowsuch a blatant lie?
    | live
    He lived alie for thirty years, pretending tobe the faithful husband of twodifferent women living in twodifferent towns.

    LIE + NOUN



    a pack/tissue/web of lies

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