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lethargic /le'θɑ:dʤik/ (lethargical) /le'θɑ:dʤikəl/
  • tính từ
    • hôn mê
    • (y học) ngủ lịm
    • lờ phờ, thờ ơ
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 lethargical, sluggish, slow, dull, heavy, lazy, indolent, phlegmatic, slothful, idle, languid, languorous, listless, fainéant, inactive, torpid, stuporous, comatose; indifferent, apathetic:
They were so lethargic that they did absolutely nothing about it
2 weary, tired, fagged out, fatigued, enervated, weak, exhausted, drowsy, sleepy, somnolent:
I have a bad cold and feel very lethargic.

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