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lesson /'lesn/
  • danh từ
    • bài học
      • to learn one's lesson by heart: học thuộc lòng bài học
    • lời dạy bảo, lời khuyên
      • never forget the lesson of Lenin: không bao giờ được quên những lời dạy bảo của Lê-nin
    • lời quở trách; sự trừng phạt, sự cảnh cáo
      • to read someone a lesson: quở trách người nào
    • to give lessons in
      • dạy (môn gì)
    • to take lessons in
      • học (môn gì)
  • ngoại động từ
    • quở trách, cảnh cáo, lên lớp (ai); trừng phạt
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) dạy, ra bài cho (ai)
Concise Dictionary
+a unit of instruction
+punishment intended as a warning to others
+the significance of a story or event
+a task assigned for individual study

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 exercise, drill, reading, lecture, recitation; assignment, homework, task:
The pupils are having an English lesson at the moment. You must finish your lessons before you can go out and play
2 class, session; instruction, teaching, tutoring, schooling; practice:
I take piano lessons on Tuesday afternoons.
3 example, exemplar, model, guide, maxim, paragon, message, deterrent, discouragement; warning, admonition; moral, precept:
Norman's punishment should be a lesson to you.
4 punishment, chastisement, chastening, castigation, scolding, chiding, rebuke, reprimand, reproof:
If she does that again, I'll give her a lesson she won't forget in a hurry!
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 a period of time in which sb is taught sth: She gives piano lessons. + All new students are given lessons in / on how to use the library. + I'm having / taking driving lessons. + (especially BrE) Our first lesson on Tuesdays is French. + (especially BrE) What did we do last lesson?
Compare: CLASS
2 something that is intended to be learned: The course book is divided into 30 lessons. + Other EU members can teach us a lesson or two on industrial policy.
3 ~ (to sb) an experience, especially an unpleasant one, that sb can learn from so that it does not happen again in the future: a salutary / valuable lesson + Let that be a lesson to you! + The accident taught me a lesson I'll never forget. + Their openness was a terrific lesson to me. + We are still absorbing the harsh lessons of this disaster. + It was a lesson not lost on (= learned well by) the team manager.
4 a passage from the Bible that is read aloud during a church service: The first lesson is taken from St John's Gospel.
Idioms see LEARN
Collocation Dictionary

1 period of teaching or learning


good, interesting | boring | individual | private | driving, English, geography, maths, piano, swimming, etc.


attend, go to, have, take
I go to Italian lessons at the local college. We had a history lesson followed by a double maths lesson. I'm taking driving lessons at the moment.
| give (sb), offer (sb), provide, take, teach
She gives singing lessons. They're offering free lessons in computing. I had to take a biology lesson this afternoon because the biology teacher was away. He doesn't teach very many lessons these days.
| get
Pupils get lessons on how to organize their study time.
| prepare
The trouble is that teachers don't prepare their lessons carefully enough.
| skip
He got into trouble for skipping lessons.


during a/the ~
No talking was allowed during the lesson.
| in a/the ~
You can't expect to learn all there is to know about the subject in a 45-minute lesson.
| ~ about
a lesson about the Civil War
| ~ in
He took lessons in Thai cookery.
| ~ on
a lesson on the Roman Empire
| ~ with
They've got a lesson with Mrs Evans at two o'clock.

2 sth learnt through experience


important, salutary, useful, valuable | bitter, hard, painful
It's a hard lesson to learn.
| clear


draw, learn
What lessons can we draw from this unfortunate experience?
| teach sb
It taught me some valuable lessons about working with other people.


~ from
There are important lessons to be learnt from this mistake.
| ~ in
I learned a lesson in harsh economics when I was made redundant.

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