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lesser /'lesə/
  • tính từ, cấp so sánh của little
    • nhỏ hơn, bé hơn, ít hơn
Concise Dictionary
+of less size or importance
+smaller in size or amount or value

Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective [only before noun]
1 not as great in size, amount or importance as sth/sb else: people of lesser importance + They were all involved to a greater or lesser degree (= some were more involved than others). + The law was designed to protect wives, and, to a lesser extent, children. + He was encouraged to plead guilty to the lesser offence. + (humorous) He doesn't even acknowledge us lesser mortals (= people who are not as important or powerful). + A lesser woman would have given up.
2 used in the names of some types of animals, birds and plants which are smaller than similar kinds: a lesser black-backed gull
Antonym: GREATER
lesser adverb: one of the lesser-known Caribbean islands
Idioms: the lesser of two evils
the lesser evil the less unpleasant of two unpleasant choices

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