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lenient /'li:njənt/
  • tính từ
    • nhân hậu, hiền hậu, khoan dung
Concise Dictionary
+tolerant or lenient
+not strict
+characterized by tolerance and mercy

Thesaurus Dictionary
gentle, kind, kindly, easy, sparing, merciful, tender, humane, tender-hearted, kind-hearted, indulgent, permissive, forgiving, easygoing, tolerant, patient, compassionate, forbearing, understanding, magnanimous, generous, charitable:
Do you think they were lenient in their treatment of prisoners caught while escaping?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
not as strict as expected when punishing sb or when making sure that rules are obeyed: a lenient sentence / fine + The judge was far too lenient with him.
leniency noun [U]: She appealed to the judge for leniency.
leniently adverb: to treat sb leniently
Collocation Dictionary


be, seem | become


extremely, very | quite, relatively | excessively, unduly
The appeal judge agreed that the original sentence was unduly lenient.


The police are sometimes more lenient with female offenders.

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