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legend /'ledʤənd/
  • danh từ
    • truyện cổ tích, truyền thuyết
    • chữ khắc (trên đồng tiền, trên huy chương)
    • lời ghi chú, câu chú giải (trên tranh ảnh minh hoạ)
Concise Dictionary
+a story about mythical or supernatural beings or events
+brief description accompanying an illustration

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 epic, saga, myth, story, (folk) tale, romance, narrative, fable, tradition, fiction, Scandinavian Edda:
There are scores of legends woven into the cultural fabric of our lives.
2 celebrity, phenomenon, tradition, wonder, luminary, personage, somebody:
Someone said that Rudolph had become a legend in his own mind.
3 key, table of symbols, code, explanatory note:
Refer to the legend for explanations of symbols used in the map.
4 motto, slogan, inscription, caption, title:
The legend reads, 'Dieu et mon droit'.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C, U] a story from ancient times about people and events, that may or may not be true; this type of story: the legend of Robin Hood + the heroes of Greek legend + Legend has it that the lake was formed by the tears of a god.
2 [C] a very famous person, especially in a particular field, who is admired by other people: a jazz / tennis legend + She was a legend in her own lifetime. + Many of golf's living legends were playing. + a legend in the world of music
3 [C] (technical) the explanation of a map or a diagram in a book
4 [C] (formal) a piece of writing on a sign, a label, a coin, etc.
Collocation Dictionary

1 well-known story


ancient | Greek, Roman, etc. | local


become, pass into
The story of how she was rescued has already passed into legend.
| tell (sb)
He told us the legend of the ghostly horseman.


live on
The legend of his supernatural origins lives on.


according to ~
According to ancient legend, the river is a goddess.
| in (a/the) ~
There have always been stories of human giants in Celtic legend and mythology.
| ~ about
legends about the Vikings
| ~ of
The story is part of the ancient legend of King Arthur.


legend has it that …
Legend has it that the Bridge of Sighs got its name from the cries of prisoners being led across it.
| myths and legends
the myths and legends of Mexico
| the subject of legend
The unusual shell has long been the subject of legend.

2 famous person/event


pop stars who become living legends
| basketball, motoring, racing, sporting, etc.

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