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leave /li:v/
  • danh từ
    • sự cho phép
      • by your leave: xin phép ông, xin phép anh
      • to ask leave: xin phép
      • to get leave: được phép
      • to give leave: cho phép
      • to refuse leave: từ chối không cho phép
      • without a "by (with) your leave ": không thèm xin phép
    • sự được phép nghỉ
      • to be on leave: nghỉ phép
      • leave of absence: phép nghỉ; thời gian nghỉ có phép
      • absent without leave: (quân sự) nghỉ không phép
    • sự cáo từ, sự cáo biệt
      • to take leave: cáo từ
    • to take French leave
      • (xem) French
    • to take leave of one's senses
      • (xem) sense
  • ngoại động từ
    • để lại, bỏ lại, bỏ quên
    • để lại (sau khi chết), di tặng
      • our ancesters left us a great cultural legacy: cha ông chúng ta để lại một gia tài văn hoá lớn
    • để, để mặc, để tuỳ
      • leave it at that: (thông tục) thôi cứ để mặc thế
      • to leave something to somebody to decide: để tuỳ ai quyết định cái gì
      • leave him to himself: cứ để mặc nó
    • bỏ đi, rời đi, lên đường đi
      • to leave Hanoi for Moscow: rời Hà nội đi Mát-xcơ-va
    • bỏ (trường...); thôi (việc)
      • to leave school: thôi học; bỏ trường
  • nội động từ
    • bỏ đi, rời đi
      • the train leaves at 4 p.m.: xe lửa đi vào lúc 4 giờ chiều
    • ngừng, thôi, nghỉ
    • to leave about
      • để lộn xộn, để bừa bãi
    • to leave alone
      • mặc kệ, bỏ mặc, không dính vào
    • leave him alone: để mặc nó, đừng có chòng nó
    • to leave behind
      • bỏ quên, để lại
    • to leave a good name behind: lưu danh, để lại tiếng thơm
    • to leave off
      • bỏ không mặc nữa (áo)
    • bỏ, ngừng lại, thôi
      • to leave off work: nghỉ việc, ngừng việc
    • to leave out
      • bỏ quên, bỏ sót, để sót
    • xoá đi
      • leave that word out: xoá từ ấy đi
    • to leave over
      • để lại về sau (chưa giải quyết ngay)
    • to leave the beaten track
      • không đi vào con đường mòn ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng))
    • to leave go
      • to leave hold of
        • buông ra
      • to leave much to be desired
        • chưa tốt, còn nhiều điều đáng chê trách
      • to leave no means untried
        • to leave no stone unturned
          • dùng đủ mọi thủ đoạn, dở đủ mọi cách
        • to leave the rails
          • (xem) rail
        • to leave room for
          • nhường chỗ cho
        • to leave someone in the lurch
          • (xem) lurch
        • to leave to chance
          • phó mặc số mệnh
        • to leave word
          • dặn dò, dặn lại
        • to get left
          • (thông tục) bị bỏ rơi
        • to have no strength left: bị kiệt sức
        • this leaves him indifferent
          • việc ấy cũng chẳng làm cho nó quan tâm; nó thờ ơ với việc ấy
Concise Dictionary
+the period of time during which you are absent from work or duty
+permission to do something
+the act of departing politely
+go away from a place
+go and leave behind, either intentionally or by neglect or forgetfulness
+act or be so as to become in a specified state
+leave unchanged or undisturbed or refrain from taking
+move out of or depart from
+make a possibility or provide opportunity for; permit to be attainable or cause to remain
+have as a result or residue
+remove oneself from an association with or participation in
+put into the care or protection of someone
+leave or give by will after one's death
+have left or have as a remainder
+be survived by after one's death
+tell or deposit (information) knowledge
+leave behind unintentionally

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 go (away or off), depart, set off, be off, get away or off, retire, retreat, withdraw, decamp, (make an) exit, run, be gone, bid (someone or something) goodbye, say goodbye or adieu (to), take (one's) leave (of), quit, desert, pull out, check out, fly, Colloq push or shove off, take off, skedaddle, flit, disappear, do a disappearing act, pull up stakes, up-anchor, Slang beat it, scram, vamoose, split, Brit beetle off, do a bunk, do a moonlight flit, hop it, Taboo Slang Brit bugger off:
Please leave at once. May I leave the room? She left him alone.
2 go or run off, deviate from:
The car left the road and hit a tree.
3 forget, mislay, lose:
I left my car keys somewhere in the house.
4 abandon, desert, take leave of, wash one's hands of, turn one's back on; quit, resign from, give up, renounce, drop (out of):
She left him because he mistreated her. I left school at sixteen.
5 make, render, cause to be or become or remain:
The beauty of the place left me speechless.
6 bequeath, will, hand down, devise, demise, transfer:
Her aunt left some valuable paintings to my wife.
7 entrust, commit, assign, cede, relinquish, give over or up, consign, resign:
They are leaving all the responsibility to me.
8 cause or allow to remain, have as a remainder, yield, give:
Seven from eleven leaves four.
9 leave off. stop, cease, desist, forbear, give up, refrain from, discontinue, abstain (from), renounce:
He won't leave off gossiping about her.
10 leave out. omit, disregard, ignore, neglect; count out, reject, exclude, eliminate, bar, except:
You left out the best part. Don't leave me out of the fun!
1 permission, authorization, consent, freedom, liberty, licence, sanction, dispensation:
Who gave you leave to borrow my car?
2 furlough, leave of absence, time off, sabbatical, recess, holiday, vacation:
I am overworked and badly in need of some leave.
3 departure:
He took his leave of us at last.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb (left, left )
place / person
1 to go away from a person or a place: [V] Come on, it's time we left. + The plane leaves for Dallas at 12.35. + [VN] I hate leaving home. + The plane leaves Heathrow at 12.35.
home / job / school
2 to stop living at a place, belonging to a group, working for an employer, etc: [V] My secretary has threatened to leave. + [VN] Some children leave school at 16.
wife / husband
3 [VN] ~ sb (for sb) to leave your wife, husband or partner permanently: She's leaving him for another man.
sth to do later
4 [VN] to not do sth or deal with sth immediately: Leave the dishes-I'll wash them up later. + Why do you always leave everything until the last moment?
sb / sth in condition / place
5 to make or allow sb/sth to remain in a particular condition, place, etc: [VN-ADJ] Leave the door open, please. + The bomb blast left 25 people dead. + [VN -ing] Don't leave her waiting outside in the rain. + [VN to inf] Leave the rice to cook for 20 minutes. [also VN]
6 to make sth happen or remain as a result: [VN] Red wine leaves a stain. + The puppy left a trail of destruction behind it. + She left me with the impression that she was unhappy with her job. + [VNN] I'm afraid you leave me no choice.
7 (be left) [VN] to remain to be used, sold, etc: Is there any coffee left? + How many tickets do you have left? + (figurative) They are fighting to save what is left of their business. + The only course of action left to me was to notify her employer.
8 [VN] ~ sth/sb (behind) to go away from a place without taking sb/sth with you: I've left my bag on the bus. + Don't leave any of your belongings behind. + He wasn't well, so we had to leave him behind.
9 [VN] to have a particular amount remaining: Seven from ten leaves three.
after death
10 [VN] to have family remaining after your death: He leaves a wife and two children.
11 to give sth to sb when you die: [VN, VNN] She left £1 million to her daughter. + She left her daughter £1 million.
responsibility to sb
12 to allow sb to take care of sth: [VN, +adv./prep.] You can leave the cooking to me. + She left her assistant in charge. + Leave it with me-I'm sure I can sort it out. + 'Where shall we eat?' 'I'll leave it entirely (up) to you (= you can decide).' + They left me with all the clearing up. + [VN to inf] I was left to cope on my own.
13 ~ sth (for sb)
~ (sb) sth to deliver sth and then go away: [VN, VNN] Someone left this note for you. + Someone left you this note.
Idioms: Most idioms containing leave are at the entries for the nouns and adjectives in the idioms, for example leave sb in the lurch is at lurch.
leave go (of sth) (BrE, informal) to stop holding on to sth: Leave go of my arm-you're hurting me!
leave it at that (informal) to say or do nothing more about sth: We'll never agree, so let's just leave it at that.
leave it out (BrE, spoken) used to tell sb to stop doing sth
Phrasal Verbs: leave sth<->aside to not consider sth: Leaving the expense aside, do we actually need a second car?
leave sb/sth behind
1 [usually passive] to make much better progress than sb: Britain is being left behind in the race for new markets.
2 to leave a person, place or state permanently: She knew that she had left childhood behind.
See also - LEAVE (8)
leave off (informal) to stop doing sth: Start reading from where you left off last time. + [+ -ing] He left off playing the piano to answer the door.
leave sb/sth<->off (sth) to not include sb/sth on a list, etc: You've left off a zero. + We left him off the list.
leave sb/sth out (of sth) to not include or mention sb/sth in sth: Leave me out of this quarrel, please. + He hadn't been asked to the party and was feeling very left out. + She left out an 'm' in 'accommodation'.
be left over (from sth) to remain when all that is needed has been used: There was lots of food left over.
related noun LEFTOVER
+ noun [U]
1 a period of time when you are allowed to be away from work for a holiday/vacation or for a special reason: to take a month's paid / unpaid leave + soldiers home on leave + to be on maternity / study leave + How much annual leave do you get?
2 ~ (to do sth) (formal) official permission to do sth: to be absent without leave + The court granted him leave to appeal against the sentence. + She asked for leave of absence (= permission to be away from work) to attend a funeral.
Idioms: by / with your leave (formal) with your permission
take (your) leave (of sb) (formal) to say goodbye: With a nod and a smile, she took leave of her friends.
without a by your leave; without so much as a by your leave (old-fashioned) without asking permission; rudely: He walked straight in, without so much as a by your leave.
more at BEG, FRENCH
Collocation Dictionary

1 period of time when you do not go to work


annual | paid, unpaid | extended, indefinite, weekend | compassionate, maternity, parental, paternity, sabbatical, sick, study | home, shore


be entitled to, get, have
How much annual leave do you get? I've still got some leave left this year.
| go on, spend, take, use (up)
She spent most of her leave with her family. I've still got some leave to use up.
| save
I'm saving all my leave to have a long holiday later in the year.
| cancel
When the war broke out all leave was cancelled.
| give sb, grant sb | be due for, be owed | apply for




on ~
She's on leave until the end of the month.

2 official permission to do sth




ask, request
He asked leave to absent himself for four days.
| give sb, grant sb | obtain | refuse sb


by sb's ~
The appeal can only be brought by leave of the trial judge.
| with/without sb's ~
No application may be made without the leave of the court.


absent without leave, leave of absence, without (so much as) a by your leave
(= without asking permission)



decide to | intend to, plan to, want to | be ready to
We were all packed and ready to leave.
| be about to, be going to
Did you want something? I was just about to leave.
| threaten to
My secretary has threatened to leave.
| attempt to, try to
They were caught trying to leave the country.
| refuse to | be compelled to, be forced to, be obliged to | ask sb to, order sb to
They were being extremely rowdy and the manager had to ask them leave.
| allow sb to, let sb
I wanted to leave but they wouldn't let me.
| enable sb to


They left for Scotland this morning.

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