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lawyer /'lɔ:jə/
  • danh từ
    • luật sư
    • luật gia
Concise Dictionary
lawyers'lɔjə(r) /'lɔː-
+a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice
Thesaurus Dictionary
counsel, advocate, member of the bar, legal practitioner, Brit solicitor, barrister, Queen's or King's counsel, bencher, US attorney(-at-law), counselor(-at-law), Slang US mouthpiece:
We have turned the case over to a lawyer.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
a person who is trained and qualified to advise people about the law and to represent them in a court of law, and to write legal documents
lawyer / barrister / advocate / attorney / solicitor
Lawyer is a general term for a person who is qualified to advise people about the law, to prepare legal documents for them and/or to represent them in a court of law.
In England and Wales, a lawyer who is qualified to speak in the higher courts of law is called a barrister. In Scotland a barrister is called an advocate.
In AmE attorney is a more formal word used for a lawyer and is used especially in job titles: district attorney.
Counsel is the formal legal word used for a lawyer who is representing someone in court: counsel for the prosecution.
Solicitor is the BrE term for a lawyer who gives legal advice and prepares documents, for example when you are buying a house, and sometimes has the right to speak in a court of law.
In AmE solicitor is only used in the titles of some lawyers who work for the government: Solicitor General.
Collocation Dictionary


clever, competent, good, successful | leading, senior | experienced, qualified | practising | academic | defence, prosecuting, prosecution | corporate, government | foreign, international, local | civil, civil rights, commercial, constitutional, criminal, divorce, human rights, libel, personal injury

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be, practise as ~
to practise as a consulting engineer

act as ~
She is acting as architect on this project.

have ~
The group does not have an internal auditor.

need ~
We need an engineer to design us something better.

find ~
It pays to find a good accountant.

appoint, appoint sb (as), engage, get, instruct ~
Appoint a solictor to act on your behalf.

consult (with), get/take advice from, go to, see, speak to, talk to ~
I demand to speak to my lawyer!

an advocate, barrister, lawyer, solicitor

acts for/defends/represents sb
an in-house lawyer acting for a major company

advise sb/sth ~
His accountant has advised him to close down his business.

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