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lash /læʃ/
  • danh từ
    • dây buộc ở đầu roi
    • cái roi
    • cái đánh, cái quất; sự đánh, sự quất bằng roi
      • to be sentencel to the lash: bị phạt roi, bị phạt đòn
    • lông mi ((cũng) eye lash)
    • sự mắng nhiếc, sự xỉ vả; sự chỉ trích, sự đả kích
      • to be under the lash: bị đả kích gay gắt
  • động từ
    • đánh, quất
      • to lash a horse across the back with a whip: quất roi vào lưng ngựa
      • to lash its tail: quất đuôi vào hông (thú)
      • to lash against the windows: tạt mạnh vào cửa sổ (mưa)
      • to lash [against] the shore: đánh vào bờ, đập vào bờ (sóng)
    • kích thích, kích động
      • speaker lashes audience into a fury: diễn giả kích động những người nghe làm cho họ phẫn nộ
    • mắng nhiếc, xỉ vả; chỉ trích, đả kích
    • buộc, trôi
      • to lash two things together: buộc hai cái lại với nhau
    • to lash out
      • đá bất ngờ (ngựa)
    • to lash out at someone
      • chửi mắng như tát nước vào mặt ai
    • to lash out into strong language
      • chửi rủa một thôi một hồi
Concise Dictionary
+any of the short curved hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids
+leather strip that forms the flexible part of a whip
+a quick blow delivered with a whip or whiplike object
+beat severely with a whip or rod
+lash or flick about sharply
+strike as if by whipping
+bind with a rope, chain, or cord

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 whip, scourge, cat-o'-nine-tails, cat, quirt, knout, bull-whip, thong; rope's end:
The bosun gave him twenty of the best with his lash.
2 stroke, blow, strike, slash, cut:
Few could stand up after five lashes with his whip.
3 flog, beat, thrash, switch, whip, scourge, horsewhip, lambaste, flail, smite, thwack, Colloq whack:
Any boy was liable to be lashed for the most trivial misdemeanour.
4 lash out. attack, flay, lambaste, belabour, punish; criticize, berate, scold:
She often lashes out at her critics quite virulently.
fasten, tie, bind, secure, rope, fix, strap, make fast:
His crew lashed Odysseus to the mast as they sailed past the land of the Sirens.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb
1 to hit sb/sth with great force: [V, +adv./prep.] The rain lashed at the windows. + Branches lashed at my face. + [VN] Huge waves lashed the shore.
2 [VN] to hit a person or an animal with a whip, rope, stick, etc.
3 [VN] to criticize sb/sth in a very angry way
4 [VN +adv./prep.] to fasten sth tightly to sth else with ropes: Several logs had been lashed together to make a raft. + During the storm everything on deck had to be lashed down.
5 to move or to move sth quickly and violently from side to side: [V] The crocodile's tail was lashing furiously from side to side. [also VN]
Phrasal Verbs: lash out (at sb/sth)
1 to suddenly try to hit sb: She suddenly lashed out at the boy.
2 to criticize sb in an angry way: In a bitter article he lashed out at his critics.
+ noun
1 = EYELASH: her long dark lashes
2 a hit with a whip, given as a form of punishment: They each received 20 lashes for stealing. + (figurative) to feel the lash of sb's tongue (= to be spoken to in an angry and critical way)
3 the thin leather part at the end of a whip: The lash struck him across the back.(also lash)
+ noun
[usually pl.] one of the hairs growing on the edge of the EYELIDS: false eyelashes + She just flutters her eyelashes and the men come running!
Collocation Dictionary


bottom, lower | long, thick


bat, flutter
She batted her lashes flirtatiously.
| lower
She lowered her lashes in sudden embarrassment.


flicker, flutter
Her lashes flickered and I knew she was lying.

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