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largely /'lɑ:dʤli/
  • phó từ
    • ở mức độ lớn
      • achievement is largely due to...: thành tích phần lớn là do...
    • phong phú
    • hào phóng
    • trên quy mô lớn; rộng rãi
Concise Dictionary
'lɑrdʒlɪ /'lɑː-
+in large part; mainly or chiefly
+on a large scale

Thesaurus Dictionary
chiefly, mainly, as a rule, by and large, generally, in general, to a great extent, mostly, in great part, in great measure, in the main, on the whole, pretty much, essentially, at bottom, basically, fundamentally:
The voters are largely in favour of keeping the present government.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
to a great extent; mostly or mainly: the manager who is largely responsible for the team's victory + It was largely a matter of trial and error. + He resigned largely because of the stories in the press.

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