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lambaste /læm'beist/
  • ngoại động từ
    • (tiếng địa phương) đánh quật, vật
Concise Dictionary
+beat with a cane
+censure severely or angrily

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 beat, whip, scourge, flog, lash, maul, horsewhip, cane, birch, thrash, bludgeon, trounce, drub, pummel, batter, belabour, cudgel:
Terry threatened to lambaste anyone who interfered.
2 censure, rebuke, scold, reprimand, chide, admonish, reprove, upbraid, berate, scold, revile, attack, castigate, flay, Colloq dress down, get on (someone's) back, rake or haul over the coals, US call down, Slang chew or bawl out:
The press lambasted the company for its unfair employment policies.
Advanced English Dictionary
(also lambast) + verb
[VN] (formal) to attack or criticize sb very severely, especially in public

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