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knack /næk/
  • danh từ, ít khi dùng số nhiều
    • sở trường, tài riêng; sự thông thạo; sự khéo tay
      • to have the knack of something: làm việc gì khéo léo; có tài riêng làm việc gì
      • there is a knack in it: việc này phải làm rồi mới thạo được
    • mẹo, khoé (để làm gì)
    • thói quen, tật (trong khi viết, khi nói...)
Concise Dictionary
+a special way of doing something
Thesaurus Dictionary
genius, intuition, talent, gift, talent, facility, skill, aptitude, bent; ability, flair, dexterity, capacity, adroitness, proficiency, skilfulness:
He has an uncanny knack for saying the wrong thing. When it comes to gourmet cooking, Peggy certainly has the knack.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [sing.]
1 ~ (of / for sth)
~ (of / for doing sth) a special skill or ability that you have naturally or can learn: It's easy, once you've got the knack. + He's got a real knack for making money.
2 ~ of doing sth (BrE) a habit of doing sth: She has the unfortunate knack of always saying the wrong thing.
Collocation Dictionary


happy | uncanny | unhappy
He had the unhappy knack of making enemies in the party.


have | acquire, develop, get
Once you get the knack, it's easy.
| lose
I don't cook much these days and I think I may have lost the knack.


~ for
a woman with a knack for handling horses
| ~ of
He has the knack of scoring goals just when they are most needed.
| ~ to
Making omelettes isn't difficult, but there's a knack to it.

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